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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Funnies and Winner

Why couldn't the pirates go to the movies?

Because it was rated RRRRRRRRRR!

Why do elephants paint their toe nails red?
To hide in cherry trees.
Ever seen an elephant in a cherry tree?
See how good they hide! :)

Thanks to all who entered our 200th Post Giveaway fun! I loved reading some of your funny little things that have happened, stories, videos or other funnies you felt like sharing.

After compiling all the entries, multiple entries, extra entries, referral entries, chose our winner of the Molly Lou Gifts gift set! The winner is


Congratulations! KLaw ate vaseline as a child...interesting. :) She found us from the adorable Katie from The Perks. Katie, a little treat will find its way to your mailbox too! Thanks for helping spread the word. KLaw, email us and we will get your prize on its way to you.

Have a great day! Be sure to make your way over tomorrow...we might just have another giveaway and some new things to show off.


  1. Oh my goodness! This is fantastic!! Yay for me and Katie!

  2. YAY! KLAW won! SHE WON! And we love Katie!

  3. OH I just had to tell you that right after you shared that cute joke the other day from Mini 1 (about the duck going to the other SLIDE) we saw it on a Laffy Taffy! hehe I enjoyed that one! :)

    Congrats on 200 posts!! Woohoo! That is one lucky winner. :)

  4. I still love those little knock, knock jokes like that. The one lines make me laugh more. Great pick me up!

  5. Oh hilarious! I'm going to tell those to someone today! Ha!


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