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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Snapshot Saturday~Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Blogland!

This week's Snapshot Saturday features a Doctor totally able to fix you all up first aid style when that adorable bee bites you!

This picture was taken last weekend before we headed off to our church's Trunk-or-Treat/Fall Festival. (If it's possible, I know they will look even better tonight.)
The minis were just so adorable and you should have seen Mini #2 covered in chocolate after someone gave her a Hershey Kiss...down the sleeves of her shirt and of course, she grabbed me before I could stop her so my shirt had chocolate claw marks on it.
Mini #1 is totally digging the real lab coat and stethoscope thanks to his Grammy. It is also incredibly ironic that he wanted to be a doctor...the child SCREAMED at the mention of a doctor for the first few years of life.

I am praying that the weather cooperates for trick or treating tonight.

Have a spooktacular weekend!!!!


  1. Cute, cute! Hope you have lots of fun today. (And an extra prayer for good weather here, too. It's raining AGAIN).

  2. So cute! Have a very safe and happy halloween!

  3. ML, they are so so precious! I love when you share pictures of them. You should do this more often. :)

  4. Could they be any cuter? I think not!

  5. How cute! I hope trick or treating goes awesome :)

  6. DARLING picture!! Have fun!! xoxo

  7. They both look adorable. Have a great weekend. Happy Halloween!

  8. They are so, so cute! Happy Halloween :-)

  9. The costumes are so cute... your little bee is so adorable! I hope you guys had fun trick-or-treating!

  10. OMG, the are SO stinkin' cute!!


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