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Monday, October 19, 2009

Goodbye Youth...

It is a sad day in my life. This morning as I was looking in the hotel bathroom mirror at my face, picking at various nuisances on my face and studying my skin, I saw something blinding in the mirror.

Something I KNOW wasn't there before.

It was like there was a big spotlight on it. I rubbed my eyes to be sure I was seeing correctly and wasn't having a bad dream. Indeed, I was seeing correctly and talking back to me was a long...


It wasn't calmly laying down with the rest of my hair, it was sticking straight up, just looking to cause a scene.

I understand that this might not be life shattering and there are 591325 worse things that could have happened, but this was my FIRST gray hair.

This is the end of an more pretending that I am young, cool, and hip (perhaps the minis attached to me were the first clue) because I am now on my way to middle age and gray hairs galore.

I am not necessarily against going gray...there are people that look lovely in their beautifully done silver style, but this was my first plunge in to it and that hair wasn't cooperating and making a calm entrance.

When I pulled it, it was battling me come out. It was just toying with me, showing me who was boss. I did conquer and I will continue to.

(I know all about the pick one, two more grow in its place bit and I don't care...I am pulling all day long.)

Hope you had a swell weekend. Can't wait to hear about them. Have a great day.


  1. I have had gray hair since I was 22...eeek! It's just a few here and there so I dye my hair religously now. Don't worry about it..
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. It's okay, B - I have been going gray since high school. Nothing wrong with it. That's what hair dye is for!

  3. Oh boy! Kick that gray hairs butt!

  4. OH I understand 100%. There I was in the store one day trying to figure out how to dress my age, but still manage to look appropriately 'motherly' when I saw my first--not one--but FEW grey hairs. I never thought it would affect me the way it did, but I was noooot happy!
    The good news is you won't be completely silver by tomorrow morning! :)

  5. This made me laugh.I UNDERSTAND. This morning while putting on moisturizer I noticed these eye wrinkles/crows feet that I swear appeared over the weekend. SO not cool. I feel your pain.

  6. It's horrible, isn't it?? My first gray hair sprouted in my mid-20's. I've been a-colorin' ever since!! LOL

  7. I have like 3 now...I can't even talk about it.

  8. I cover mine with hair dye... I like to pretend they aren't there. If you can't see it, it doesn't exsist.

  9. This is funny because I have been wrinkle-obsessed lately. Haven't even checked on my grays...uh-oh.

    Hey, I never received a prize from the Friday I became Princess. Should I worry?

  10. I have always heard that grey hairs are the sign of intelligence! You little smartie!!

  11. Well, I am one of those who has grey hair! And I chose not to color it. Now it's too late. but it is what it is. My hair dresser says "I embrace my grey". No matter what color the hair, you are still young, cool, and hip! I am ;-) haha xoxo

    My verification word today is gracalk. Hmmm. Does veri know what we are talking about ??? haha

  12. Ahhhhhhhh, the first grey. I remember mine like it was yesterday. Ah ha

  13. No worries. My hubs got his first gray hairs at 21. He's got us all beat!

  14. Girl please....I have been plucking gray hairs since the ripe old age of 22. But I do remember my first one and the scene following that discovery was NOT pretty! Ha!


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