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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Haphazard Thursday

Good morning all! Not feeling so h0t has been building all week, but finally has settled in like in those disgusting Mucinex commercials. Ugh...

1-I have started work on my Ark. Goodness me it has been raining like crazy here for days. I have been making a list of all the things that I need to bring with me on my ark and the color scheme I'm going to go with. Since this will be my escape, I am thinking of going with a bolder color scheme on the ark...kelly green galore! We are going a little stir crazy here in this rain and are running out of art projects to do. I was going to take the minis to this indoor play center yesterday. It's a lot of fun, but the last time I was there, there were all kinds of snotty kids there and I can only imagine that it is worse now that the actual flu and other cold-like viruses are going around.

2-Head over to my friend Holly's blog at Pink Is My Signature Color! She is a lovely person and is celebrating her 100th post with a giveaway! She is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Molly Lou Gifts! Isn't that great? You can get started on your holiday shopping a little early and perhaps pick up something for yourself too. Head over there to enter and congratulate her on her blog milestone.

3-Goodwill Grace is Back! After a lapse in posts, they are back in full swing. There was a lessons in lyrics post yesterday and today's post is about reading. There are some new things headed GWG's way including a new writer. If you have any suggestions for GWG we would love to hear them. There are so many; they can be fun, funny, inspirational, thoughtful, etc. Go check it out and be sure to tell a friend.
4-Free Return Address on all of our Embossed Graphics stationery from our shop. This is a great special and would make a perfect gift for the holidays. The Trio Monogram Stationery Ensemble is one of my favorite sets that we have. It features 150 cards and envelopes: 50 large cards, 50 medium cards, and 50 gift enclosure cards. You get your choice of 12 different thermography (raised) ink color choices. The return address addition is normally $32.00 for this set, but you get it FREE until October 31.
5-My girl Whitney from That Girl and Her Pug is having a favorite things giveaway in honor of her birthday in a mere 13 days. I have read her blog for a while and she has some good favorite things. Head over to her blog for some early birthday wishes and entries in to her contest (or don't because I really want to win). Even if you don't enter to help my chances of winning, you really should read her blog. She is fantastic: funny, real, wise, and always entertaining.

6-The minis and I are headed down to see the Mr. this weekend. I was trying to explain to Mini #1 about our trip and where Dad is staying during the week. This child loves a hotel, so he is excited. Try explaining about NUCLEAR POWER to a three year old. I was explaining the power plant, what power/electricity are, etc. He was pointing out things that need electricity, he was building a power plant with his legos to take to show his daddy. This morning over breakfast, he says "Mom, are the power plants that Daddy is building like our plants outside?" Funny, interesting, and still some work to do on the explanation.

Oh look, here I went again mixing business and personal. Ahhh, I really should pull that email out again and read it as I clearly didn't follow her lovely and helpful advice! (Thanks to all of you who made me laugh and feel better about it...the minis thank you too as they enjoy being in the spotlight sometimes.) Have a great day!!


  1. Bwahahaha! The day you follow advice from that woman is the day I quit reading your blog! Ha! J/K, you know I would never NOT read your blog!
    Thanks for the shout out! You are too sweet!
    Have fun visit the Mr. this weekend! I know y'all will have so much fun!

  2. Feel better!! It SNOT fun to be sick...

    Roadtrip with the mini's!! Woowoo!! Good luck!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! And have a great visit with the hubby.

    p.s. I love Good Will Grace

    p.s.s. I will mail you some books next week, promise!

  4. Shame on you for promoting your business on your blog. Wait, did I just call it YOUR blog? Yep, that's what I thought. ;)

  5. bahahahaha LOVE the mini's comment about power plants vs. house plants!!

  6. Have fun visiting the Mr.! Room for me in that Ark?

  7. Have fun with the mini's!!! Can you fit all my animals, husby & I on the ark as well?

  8. Oh my! Hope that you are feeling better!

    1. Wow! i have been MIA for so long...I must have missed your post about your ARK? Wah! I hope to get some blog reading done this weekend... so until then, I will be going crazy wanting to know about your ark.
    2. OH! I will have to take a peek at Holly's blog! How fun!
    3. ...and Goodwill Grace...oh boy, oh boy, lots of reading to do :o)
    4.What absolutely lovely stationery!
    5....and Whitney'g blog! thanks for letting us in on her giveaways :o)
    6.Have a safe trip! And oh, how I love to hear what little ones say :o) too cute!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment!!)

  9. Oh I love that monogrammed stationary. So classic!
    I will most certainly check out those cute giveaways. Thanks for sharing!

    I'Ma having a Halloween Angela Moore giveaway if you would like to stop by!


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