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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Snapshot Saturday~A New Sam

This week's Snapshot Saturday introduces you to another Sam. It is so hard to keep up, but I think the current number is 194 Sams in our life in some way. That takes one away from the last Sam fish that we lost, but that is a story for another day.

This is Sam, our Apple Friend. For school, Mini #1 was studying the letter A and brought home an apple to decorate however he wanted. They were going to share with the class the following day. Mini #1 decided to make him a new friend. He painted Sam, then we added the eyes, nose, mouth, and it was his idea to tear the paper to make some funky looking blue hair.

Voila~Sam, the rocking Apple Friend. The second picture Mini #1 took of Sam. He is becoming quite the budding photographer and does photo shoots with many things around our house. This is yet another reason why I love digital cameras. I want to support this new love for photography, but I really don't need 7532 pictures of his stuffed toys or trains some of which are fuzzy or include his finger.

Have a great weekend!

PS~Yes, the boy has received a haircut to remove that mop from the top of his head.


  1. So cute - both Mini & Sam. Love the fact that you've added an Apple Sam to the mix now. :)

  2. Love the apple sam...and mini's new 'do too!

  3. He's so creative! I wouldn't have a clue how to decorate an apple!


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