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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Worthwhile Wednesday~Soiree in Style!

I have to get this off my chest before I do anything else...Ok, I love the RHONJ. I know some of you aren't feeling it this season, but I enjoy their drama more than the other sets of girls. BUT...that hairless cat makes me insane. I seriously want to vomit whenever I see it (no offense if any of you own those little creatures). Mr. Molly Lou hopes they will show it more so I will get grossed out enough and change the channel...he has some hate towards the New Jersey gals. The other thing...anyone else want to pinch Teresa with the way she kept calling them "bubbies" OVER and OVER and OVER again? Oh, I forgot one more thing...can Danielle not pay anyone to be her friend. I think having your personal sex talks with your 10 and 14 year old is sad and not necessary. Whew...I feel better. Thanks for letting me air that...

We have a great Invitation & Announcement Station. I have raved about my friend Erin before, but seriously how cute and unique are the designs we have featured. She is amazing and is so creative it almost makes me sick. I am so lucky to share her line at Molly Lou Gifts and have her as my friend. She has been with MLG pretty much from the beginning by creating a bridal shower invitation for my sister before Molly Lou Gifts expanded to anything, but stationery. We have several new designs and I have some more to add as well. There are TONS of designs and options there, but here are just a few!
Planning a summer birthday party, get together with friends, baby shower for a dear friend, a bridal shower for a family member, a housewarming partyfor your swanky new digs, christening lunch for your new little bundle of joy, retirement party for a loved one, or perhaps bon voyage soiree? Come on over to our shop and see what we have.

HOW STINKING CUTE IS THIS GIRAFFE??? I want to throw a party just to use these cute invitations. We also have a blue/lime and lime/blue color combination. These are so bright and fun and just scream summer fun! There is also a really great new owl invitation design that you must check out.

Moving? Check out the FABULOUS design at the top of the page. You know the Molly Lou family is getting ready to plant our roots in a new spot and I am loving these lime hydrangea moving announcements. We also have them in a really bright and fun purple color combination that is sure to pop. I think this girl and her family may need to announce their new digs with this hydrangea pattern. I know that some of you are secretly planning a move just to send out cute moving announcements and make your friends jealous of your awesome style. Take a peek around the Moving Announcement section and let me know if you have any other suggestions to offer.

I know some of you lovelys are getting married or have BFF's that are. I am loving these new damask party invitations for your engagement parties, bridal showers, bridal luncheons, bachelorette soirees and more...get creative. In addition to this "oh so lovely" mocha/pink pattern, we also have lime and blue too.

Enough about invitations, how adorable are these new personalized folded note cards. I love this bold and bright chick. You get to choose the personalization, so be as stylish and creative as you want to be. These would be perfect for dropping a note to a friend, sending with a mini to camp, makes an adorable gift, or thanking someone for something cute. We also have matching invitations. One can ALWAYS use personalized stationery and our prices are the best! You can see all of our personalized stationery designs here!

A little bit of housekeeping...Today is the last day to enter our Kara Rosenberry Co. chandelier thank you notes and sticker set giveaway. See the link at the left. Invite a friend and enter if you haven't yet! Everything in her line is 10% off too! Also, today is the last day that we are giving 100% of our profits to the Boys Home of the Stouh. We will continue to get 10% to them as well as donate to Spirit Jump, but if there are any gifts that you have had your eye on or little surprises for yourself or a friend, know that you will be getting a great product that is adorably packaged and the best service around!

Have I ever mentioned how much I despise packing? You would think after as many times as I have done it, it wouldn't bother me and be second nature. NOPE. I am sooooooo not feeling it. Let me know when you want to come pack! Think of how fun it will be. We can chat, laugh, drink something fun, throw some stuff in boxes, look at how cute the minis are as they are screeching and Mini #1 is trying to unpack everything we just packed~what could be better???? Have a great day! Cheers!


  1. You rock.


    I don't like the cat either!

    Will write you more in a bit...stove guy is here!

  2. Ahh packing. I actually love packing and unpacking ... if I would close I would come do it for you! Think about all the fun that will be when you move and get to reorganize your house just the way you want it in the new one :) Good luck! Oh, and little wine/tottie always helps :)

  3. I love the "we've moved" cards -- how cute!

    The only thing I like about packing is throwing things away or donating them -- I think I cut my stuff down by at least 40% last time! I'd come help if I were closer!

  4. the RHONJ, but that comment with Danielle's kids about "goodies" last night made me want to vomit (and I am so with you on the hairless cat.)

    Love the stationary!

    And I'll send you my winner's info as soon as I can so you can workout her mousepad arrangements with her.

    Also, I added your summerfun discount on my sidebar!

  5. Girl, I love that show and I can't even tell you how most of those women rub me the wrong way!! lol You are so right about the "bubbies" and the hairless cat! :D My husband saw it last night and was grossed out! Also, so sick of seeing her try to get the girls to pose and say FABULOUS! Enough already! They don't want to take a picture!! :)Love all of the new designs and if I lived closer I would love to help you pack and unpack! Good luck with that!

  6. Ohhhhhhhh I love all that!! I need to get someone married or move, lol....I want some of it!!!

    Dont laugh but I have NO IDEA what that show is! haha

    Hope your day has been great friend!!

  7. Erin's line is fantastic... love the giraffe one!
    also watching the real wives and wow what a mess! I still keep watching tho!
    Have a great evening!

  8. That cat really disturbs me, too! Come see what I left for you on my blog :)

  9. I would love to come help you pack but if I did you wouldn't like me anymore.

    Most people can't handle the bitching and moaning when I move. Sad day.


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