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Friday, June 5, 2009


First, let me just say that I love reality tv. What in the world did we all do before the birth of reality shows? Reality TV=Mindless the end of the day when I want to finally sit down and relax, I want some mindless fun and drama to watch and laugh at. That is why I love the Real Housewives series and am actually digging the NJ girls.

Second, I love NBC. They have the best news, Matt Lauer and The Today Show, and have brought us such great hits like Friends, Cheers, and The Cosby Show. I tend to hold NBC to a slightly higher standard than the other networks.

These points tie me in to my rant for the day, has anyone seen I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here? I mean SERIOUSLY, WHAT. WERE. THEY. THINKING. I cannot believe this show and feel that FOX must be taking over NBC. I know tons of people don't like Jeff Immult, but if he thought this show was going to save NBC and GE...HE NEEDS A BRAIN SCAN.

This show is like a car accident, you don't want to look, but you HAVE to. It's like Survivor, only worse and trashier. I mean there is the camp talk with all of the celebs bantering, there are challenges where bugs are eaten, the dramatic Lost Chamber, alliances, vote offs, and more, but something is just off and the hosts are really annoying.

Perhaps it is the celebrities they have on the show. I understand that they weren't going to be able to get A-list folks like Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, Will Smith, etc., but come on people, Spencer and Heidi and Rod Blagojevich's wife are the BEST you could do? I hate Rod Blagojevich and just thinking of him makes my blood boil, but did they really think that his wife, Patti, I think would was going to save the show and send the ratings through the roof. I think she is mute. I saw an interview with the snake and his wife last week and they were talking about how "they have to provide for their family," their daughters have to eat, and they made a committment to NBC and since he was unable to venture to the jungles of Costa Rica, she had graciously gone in his place. NBC couldn't find ANYONE better, more interesting, or at least someone who would speak?

Back to Spencer and Heidi. I know many of you love you some Pratts, but they are making me crazy. I mean did anyone catch Monday night when someone should have shoved Spencer in to a straight jacket and gagged him? And if Heidi complains of her hair one more time, I'm going to hit her. Also, they just left. They couldn't handle it, and then of course, in true TV drama fashion, begged their way back all in the name of helping charity. Funniest bit this show has produced was Spencer declaring that he and Heidi are as big of celebrities as Brad and Angelina. RIGHT. I am the spitting image of Heidi Klum too.

John Salley is the most normal one out there and is quite the nice guy. At least the comedy duo Frangela (never heard of before this) are quite humorous. It is a real shame that Sanjaya hasn't busted out in serenade yet. I need someone else to watch this show with me for the next few weeks so that I have someone else to join in my rant. Because as much as I have just complained and ranted, I know I will probably tune in some of the time over the next three weeks to watch this mess continue to unfold.

Also, this is the last weekend for all of Molly Lou Gifts' profits to go to charity. My great friend, Perfectly Pleasant said, "It's not really's giving." What a wise woman she is!
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  1. I do love some Real Housewives..the NJ girls are crazy!

    I hear about spencer and heidi all the time, but I have no idea who they are...
    Who are they?

  2. Obsessed with RHONJ...I really want them to make a Real Housewives of the one where the women are over the top Southern, into their daughter's debut, etc. There are plenty of characters in NOLA I could suggest to Bravo.

    The husband and I met Heidi's mom in Crested Butte this past spring...we were out there skiing, and we had our anniversary dinner at this nice, romantic restaurant. It was the last week of the ski season, so it was pretty quiet. The bartender, who we later found out to be the owner, was quite nice.

    We got to talking to her, and somehow the fact that she had kids came up...and then she said "oh my daughter's on reality tv," so I said "what show" and she said "The Hills." I do not watch The Hills, but I knew enough to know this was huge. Anyway, turned out to be Heidi. If you met her mom, who is the most natural, down to Earth woman out there, you would not know where Heidi came from. It's kind of sad what Hollywood/fame can do to change people.

  3. I didn't even know who Heidi & Spencer were up until a few months ago -- so I think he is mistaken on their fame. (I still am not sure why they are known...) The only reality TV I watch is So You Think You Can Dance -- really so I can be jealous of the amazing bodies and the talent they have...

    Have a super weekend :)

  4. I have given up on "Reality" tv.
    I will watch Dancing with The Stars every now and again.
    When it comes to the jungle program with Sanjaya and the others forget it.
    I am from Illinois and I have heard more than my share regarding Rod and Patti Blagojavich.

  5. LOL...I am so lost...the only reality shows that I have ever watched are American Idol and The Bachelor!

    Although that celebrity thing is what Bay made me watch the other evening & it had somehing to do with gross rats and stuff...eeewwwww

    Speaking of Matt Lauer.... did you see yesterday when they were showing the military families.....OH MY GOD..I was sobbing....I so feel their pain of being apart. {to a certain degree}


  6. Girl I am WITH YOU. And if I have to hear Heidi and Spencer pray or say "halleluijah" one more time I'm going to scream! AND if she doesn't quit spraying her hair I'm going to come through the television and rip that can out of her hand!


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