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Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Summer lovin' had me a blast
Summer lovin' happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights....

Oh, excuse me! Everytime I say that, I think of the song from Grease and immediately bust out in song! Trust me, I could go on. Just be glad you aren't actually hearing me sing! The minis are scared.

Happy Monday all! Hope you had great weekends and are off to a great start on your week. We spent the weekend down at GG's (great grandmother to the minis) and had a great time. The minis enjoyed the pool and yard and we celebrated my grandmother's 85 birthday. WHEW! I know how much this amazing woman has seen and experienced over her 85 years.
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Don't forget to enter our newest giveaway. Details at left on how to enter...follow the link. Also, tomorrow is the last day for my friend Brittany's giveaway on her site!

Also, remember all of our new line of Kara Rosenberry's social stationery line is 10% off...just $9.00 for a set of original designed notecards. Use that new discount code! We are also continuing to give 100% of our profits to the Boys Home of the South until Wednesday. We hope you'll take a peek around our shop and find great gifts for those hostess, showers, engagements, birthdays, weddings, new arrivals, and more. Know you'll find the perfect gift, neatly packaged, excellent customer service, and also know you helped a great children's charity. Have a great day. Cheers!


  1. I <3 the movie Grease! Just wanted to make sure you got my email last week about books...

    Okay, my word verification is duckerwi... what?!!?

  2. Oh girl, I knew we were so much alike! I love me some grease, esp grease II!!! I actually was watching the video on YouTube last week for Cool Rider...can we say NERD? haha

    These plates are KAUUTE! SOunds like a great weekend. I missed you too!!! Must catch up! I am running out the door to take Bay to class....I am going walking while he is in there....shoot me an email, you know I can multitask:)

    Hope the Mini Family has a WONDERFUL MONDAY!!
    Love Daph

  3. LOVE GREASE!! Can't even count how many times I have watched that movie - with AND without children ;-) You understand ;-) xoxo


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