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Monday, June 15, 2009

Al Roker: The ATTACKER!

I know that you all know my love for the Today Show. Well, that love includes Al Roker. Yes, he tells cheesy jokes, but you just smile when he tells you what is going on "in your neck of the woods."

New blog friends might not know, but the rest of you know that I don't feel the love for Spencer of Heidi or the EVER SO ANNOYING new "Speidi" term!

Anywhoo...anyone catch the interview with Spencer and Heidi this morning on Today? Al Roker interviewed them and they were going to regale tales of their Costa Rican jungle experience. In most "Speidi" interviews they chat about how great they are and what big celebrities they are, well NOT in this one. BAM! Al Roker showed them. He was tough on them and tried to pin them for their ridiculous behavior and what a total jerk Spencer is. He even made fun of his Stephen Baldwin "baptism"...IMAGINE that! I don't feel that the interview was harsh, I feel it was good journalism on a reputable news show.

The lovely Celebutante Sisters (if you don't follow or haven't been to their site, you really should) twittered about this and I became too engrossed in this fiasco and then the rage took over.

Heidi on Ryan Seacrest's radio show:

"I was shocked at how rude he was. I was crying afterwards because I felt personally attacked because he was yelling and saying, ’Do you feel proud of this?' We were going there for a great interview. I just wanted to talk about the show and my experience there and how fun it was. He just made it uncomfortable and an awful experience. To be honest, I wouldn’t be interviewed by him again. And I’d advise women to be careful around him because I feel like he definitely attacked me and I didn’t deserve that at all."

AL ROKER AN ATTACKER??? Are you kidding me?

Speidi-I believe your 15 minutes of fame ended about 5 minutes ago!

***I realize that it is completely unhealthy for the amount of pure rage that I feel whenever I hear those two people open their mouth. Mr. Molly Lou is exploring various institutions to send me for a 12 step "Speidi" anger management program.***


  1. AL Roker is dangerous? I'd rather be with him than Spencer! Dear me!

  2. I feel the same rage as you when it comes to "Speidi". I wish they would just go away. I actually get angry when I see them!

  3. You're not're not alone.

    I saw one episode of that "Celebrity" show - and it was the one where Spencer was in full-on rage mode and Heidi was looking oh, so fabulously greasy & oily in the jungle. And, they are famous why?!

    Good for Al Roker for letting Speidi know that Today Show viewers are not interested in their crap. :-)

  4. I think I am totally NOT "in the know" as I didn't even know who Spencer and Heidi were until Celebrity show (which I watched once and thought was very stupid). I don't even know why they're so-called famous? Anyways, Al Roker, who attacks Al Roker, he has got to be the sweetest news personality ever!

  5. Hahaha. This made me laugh. Spencer and Heidi scare me so bad. Al Roker scares me too. LMAO.

  6. Ahhh, I thought the same thing! They annoy the mess out of me and I wish they would just disappear from the media, but they're so dramatic the media just eats it up!

  7. Well, I missed it! Darn it. But I am VERY glad he did it! Those two are just the most annoying e-v-e-r!! xoxo

  8. Kudos to Al! I think he just squashed Speidi like a bad bug!
    I detest them.

  9. They are weirdos!

    Love your blog!!!!


  10. i love love love this post. so true. they are by no means celebs and their 15 mintues was over 525,600 minutes ago.

    TEAM AL!

  11. haha, Al Roker an attacker? I can't stop laughing over here. I didn't share with The Boyfriend since he isn't supposed to laugh :)

  12. Thank you so much for your amazing thoughts you left and your prayers. I take such comfort in the encouragement I have received and it has definitely helped to keep me sane. I really hope you know how much it means to me.

  13. I made it a three way swap between you, me and MMMLC! Just shoot me an email when you can...
    brookeyoumans at gmail dot com

  14. Ahhh my blog twin! I have some total rage whenever I see Speidi, too. I thought that the Al Roker interview was GENIUS and I think it's hilarious that they were actually asked some serious questions. I heard they got a similar treatment over at the View...LOVE IT!

  15. That pair is crazy!!

    p.s. just discovered your store, I love the personalized plates!

  16. Why do they call him "speidi"? Oh wait I get it. Spencer and Heidi. Why do they join names together in the media? So dumb. I guess that makes me Many. Hey, that's not so bad.

  17. They were on Jimmy Fallon that night and he just laughed and laughed at them.

    They told him how much they like him and he just laughed.

    It was great.


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