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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Worthwhile Wednesday~Affordable Accessories

Happy Wednesday all! I know we have all used the word "hump day" before, but does it annoy anyone else? Where in the heck did it come from? Who said it in random conversation and then whoever heard said, that is awesome. I must use it everytime I say Wednesday. I really don't know why, but everytime I hear it that little rage inside of me takes over and I get completely annoyed. Of course, everytime I think of the word Wednesday, I automatically think of "hump day." I know it is weird and the more that I vent on the bloggy blog I realize that perhaps I really am crazy. I am having one of "those days" so perhaps things annoy me more than usual.

Today's Worthwhile Wednesday are all about some affordable accessories that are perfect for yourself or for gifts. We all have gifts to give and also with so many get togethers and parties this summer, small little hostess gifts or "thinking of you" surprises are necessary.

Lists, reminders, notes...they are found all around our home for the 4554897 things we have to do in a given week. We have the perfect and stylish solution: personalized sticky note pads. We have several different designs and can change some colors and fonts too! Each notepad is 3 x 3 and contains 50 sheets and at $5, they are the perfect surprise for a friend or hostess. They are found in our Paper Palette here.

Stickers here, stickers there, stickers EVERYWHERE!! We have just added personalized stickers to our shop. We have so many different designs and they coordinate with our personalized shirts and pails. The stickers are 2" and come in sets of 24 in this adorable little tin. These would be great gifts and perfect to keep on hand for your little one. Add them to books, toys, notes, create your own personalized notecard, and are PERFECT for personalized cards to stick on gifts. I have ordered some for my children and our family.

I also just sent them along with a personalized stationery set for a graduation gift. These aren't just for children...the designs are adorable and our little alligator looks like that of Boatman Geller.For a great gift for a child's birthday, baby shower gift or bridal shower gift with the couple's new name or monogram.
Dress up an envelope. I get so excited when I get a handwritten note in the mail and these stickers would make great envelope seals to add that extra touch!

Since they coordinate with our clothing and personalized playcases and pails, you could create a gift pack with a shirt, stickers, and pail. Be the talk of the party with your creative style and ideas. No gift bag needed, put everything in the new pail.
Speaking of pails-I love these. We have several colors to choose from for your pail or bucket and so many different designs to choose. These are perfect for holding ANYTHING...pens, ribbon, mail, toys, crayons/markers, craft supplies, snacks, etc. They are durable and you get to choose all aspects of personalization. You can change any colors and you choose the fonts. These are all around my house and office. They are great for organizing, but also great for parties and showers. Use them at the pool party to hold snacks or create unique centerpieces that coordinate with the colors and theme of your bridal/baby shower or birthday party. Even give away as prizes at a shower. Use monograms, names, or sayings such as "be creative" or "be inspired." Also, make part of a gift and save on the expensive gift bag...put everything in the pail and voila! I love, love, love these and at $13 are affordable and fun.
I also added some new invitations to the Invitation Station. This is the last week to get Kara Rosenberry products 10% off. Check them out here...such adorable and original notes. We love having her.
Don't forget about Muffy Martini's giveaway where the prize is from Molly Lou Gifts and the MLG hosted Lola's Girl giveaway. WOW-you need to get busy!
Tomorrow is supposed to be "the day" (again). Send happy thoughts our way and pray that the "interesting idiot" has her stuff out and shows up. Have a great day! Cheers!


  1. It wasn't until I was out of college, that I heard Happy Hump Day.
    I don't like the phrase either...I'd rather say Happy Wednesday.

  2. I'm not a fan of the phrase either.
    The stickers are a fab idea.

  3. I'm not the biggest fan of that phrase.
    Love love love those stickers!

  4. HAHA....I think I have said that a few times on Wednesday! {when I didn't do a wordless Wednesday post} I better go run and see how I ended todays post!

    I NEED THOSE PAILS! How cute are they??

    The stickers are precious, precious I tell ya;)

    My thoughts and prayers are with you today, sweet friend, I hope everything goes SMOOTHLY!

  5. Those stickers are adorable!! I'm trying to think of what I could use them for myself, actually!! :)

  6. love it all! :) If I owned my own store I would never be able to sell anything... I'd "buy" it all. Probably why I don't, huh?

    Also, I want to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. Today was a really good day & I know it is because of the prayers of everyone.

  7. I could do some creative things with those stickers in my classroom. Interesting.


How I love comments...thanks for stopping by and sharing what you are thinking. Cheers!

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