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Monday, June 15, 2009

Think Like a Child

Thinking like a child can be a fantastic thing, but it can also be not so fantastic. I present Exhibits A,B,C:

Exhibit A-NOT SO NICE: We did not close on the new house on Friday. Boo! Why you ask? Plain and simple, certain people are idiots. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but that is exactly the reason. People cannot do their jobs and the seller of this house is as mentioned above and in several posts before- an idiot. It amazes me at her ability to still function. The people that cannot do their job think like a child in the fact that their attention span is that of a gnat or two year old and can't finish a task on time. You know when a young child does something wrong and when confronted it isn't their fault; it could have been that wooden Thomas the train toy that magically hit his sister on the head and made her cry or it could have been that they just don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about. "Mini #2 was hit, I don't know how that happened." Same thing in the case of closing the house, people mess up, but of course, it isn't their fault-there are 984,097 reasons why it occurred and none of them have to do with them being an idiot and not doing their job: thinking like a child. (Thanks to all the thoughts of good luck for the move-we are set to close on Thursday afternoon-keep you posted.)

Exhibit B-NOT SO WISE: Mini #1 after turning three learned what it meant to argue. Mr. Molly Lou and I are fairly intelligent and level headed people. However, Mini #1 knows just how to push our buttons. The other day I told Mini #1 something while riding in the car and he proceeded to argue with me. It can be "Mini #1 look at that fantastic blue sky." "No, it's not blue, it's purple. Don't say that Mom." "No, it is a blue sky. Look at that bright blue sky. It's so pretty." "I said IT'S NOT BLUE. I said it's a blue sky."This could go on indefinitely until I mentally register what in the hey I am doing arguing over the color of the sky with a 3 year old. Take Mr. Molly Lou and Mini yesterday. Mini did something he wasn't supposed to be doing. Mr.Molly Lou reminds him, then he does it again. Mr. Molly Lou says "Don't do that again. I have asked you and you know better than to do that." Mini #1 says "I don't know better." And then round 2, 3, 4, and 5 proceeds with "you do know," "I don't know" until Mini #1 is fed up and leaves whining. This thought process of arguing like a child is not so smart. We are the intelligent parents, but somehow Mini #1 wins this match too many times.

Exhibit C- REALLY NICE: We had a cookout at Mr. Molly Lou's brother's house on Saturday night. It was a lovely time and Molly Lou Mini #1 was able to have his first experience at catching fireflies. There were lots of fireflies in the backyard and Mr. ML Brother took on the opportunity to show Mini #1 how it's done. He took Mini #1 running around the backyard spotting them and then chased them around the yard. Mr. ML Brother got a glass jar, drilled holes in the top and then it was on! Mr. ML Brother, Mr. ML Brother's girl friend, Mr. Molly Lou, Me, and Mini #1 were all running around the yard trying to catch the little boogers. I so wish I had the camera and captured this event. Mini #1 loved it and enjoyed watching his new pets in the jar after we finished. We added some grass and then he carried the jar around. If the jar was shaken slightly, they would go to town with their light storm. Before we left for the night, we set them free as the little fireflies "need to fly home to their mommies."

See, thinking like a child can be wonderful. It was such a great sight to see these adults running around the yard, chasing BUGS all for the enjoyment of a child. We all were having fun laughing together and running around-we get so caught up that it is fun to sit back and be that kid on a hot summer night again! This was a first of many summer nightly activities. Fascination with glowing bugs in a jar: thinking like a child.

I love watching Mini #1. It is so fun to see how his brain works and to try to see things through his eyes. We have so many wonderful experiences and it is truly amazing to see how children perceive things. It's refreshing to see and watch such a smart little boy have such a graceful and innnocent perception of things. Mini #2 is growing so quickly and is really seeking out new things and objects. She is so intent as she studies something new and tries to figure out just how it works and what its purpose really is. I so love that little boy and little girl and so enjoy thinking like a child with them.

Hope you had a great weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it. Use code summer15 for 15% off your total Molly Lou Gifts purchase. Have a great day! Cheers!

PS-I know a secret: a big giveaway contest is coming later today. THE PRIZE IS FROM MOLLY LOU GIFTS! I know you're excited. :) Stay tuned later for the details and links!


  1. My goodness, your life sounds like mine right now! Trying to close on a house and it keeps getting delayed, arguing with my two year old, yet later in the weekend, acting like a two year old for her enterainment and loving it! Wow, big prayers for you and your house, I know it will work out! Can't wait to see what the big giveaway is! Cheers!

  2. Molly Lou Gifts has some great stuff. Just found your blog and loved it! Keep up the good work!

  3. I'm sorry you have to deal with idiots! lol It's not funny, I know...I just love the way you refer to her! :) Crossing my fingers and praying all goes well for Thursday! This was a great post and I'm so glad you had a nice weekend. Have a great week and I'll be back to see what's in store for us in the giveaway! ;) I mailed your swap package this morning. YAY!!

  4. So sorry about the house, it will all work out! Aren't the minds of kids so awesome? It's so fun to be around them and join in. You're totally going to love the book I'm sending speaking of children fun :)


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