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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

South Carolina's Most Interesting...

I am from the South and proud of it. I love South Carolina and feel it has so much to offer. I am a proud graduate of SC public schools and Clemson University, taught in public schools, and have lived in various parts of the state. I think South Carolina is beautiful and a great place to live and grow up.
However, I swear anytime that something scandalous or dramatic happens in this state, they find the toothless, dirty, and non-grammar perfect resident to speak. This always gives a bad taste in the mouth of someone from another state. This state is full of educated, well-groomed, perfectly pleasant, and attractive residents with manners that would make Emily Post proud, however, recently I have met and seen some interesting folks around here:

Exhibit A: Have I told you about the woman that we are buying our new home from. Close your eyes to get this full mental image: 60 years old, long brown and blonde streaked hair reaching her bum, wrinkly fake tanned skin (she has a tanning bed in one of the bedrooms upstairs and used to own a tanning salon), smokes, and has breasts the size of Rhode Island. I am serious...double Pam Anderson's. This is not an exxaggeration at all, you can't help but stare at these disturbing freaks of nature. The first time we went to look at the house, she was in the driveway and we got to see all of those features as well as the belly button ring and G-string hanging over her pajama bottoms...SERIOUSLY!!!! I was scared to death to go inside, but somehow, somewhere the inside was beautiful in comparison to her train wreck of an appearance and life. Within five minutes of meeting her, I knew her entire soap opera life with WAY TOOOOOOO MANY DETAILS.
I could write a best selling book on this woman, her life, and some of the phrases that come out of her mouth. In the south, we have this saying "Bless her heart." That is truly the only thing I can say for this poor woman.

Exhibit B: Taking the minis to Target the other day for some home necessities, there is a woman dragging her child out of the store and proceeding through the parking lot. He doesn't have a shirt or SHOES on. This child is walking around the PARKING LOT and was in the store without a shirt or shoes on. Ewwww!

Exhibit C: At the grocery store the other day, Mini #1 was pushing the cart and we were shopping and looking at things. We overhear another mother in a not so nice tone say to her child: "If you don't stop that, I am going to give you a whoopin' right here in this store. I don't care who watches and you ain't gonna get no Mountain Dew for days. You ain't gonna get nothin'. You best stop doing that before I raise my hand." Perhaps she should write a parenting book. I'm sure Dr. Phil would be calling.

Exhibit D: Molly Lou Brother-in-law was at the Fresh Market. He told the deli man that he wanted 2/3 lb. of this turkey that was on sale. The man looked at him, looked at the scale, and just stood there dumbfounded for a moment. After a few moments, he turned to the other deli man and said "how much is 2/3 of a pound?" The man replied with "About a 1/2." I am not kidding.
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  1. Holy bananas! The 2/3 pound kills me! Do they not have scales?

    (And this very same thing happens in Florida, and I always cringe, like we're all going to be judged by these less-than-stellar members of our state)


    {that visual is not good, lol, I probably would have sped off when she walked out!}

    Seriously, are you sure you're not in Alabama??

    It never fails, everytime someone from Alabama is on National news, it's for A:-something horrible & B: they usually are missing 1/2 their teeth C: married to a realtive.......really NOT EVERYONE is like that here;) Besides, I am only miss 1/4 of my teeth :p

    {that last part is a joke!!!!}

  3. haha, when I worked at Hat World the fitted hats ALWAYS threw people off -- "Umm is this 7 3/4 smaller than the 7 1/2?" People don't get fractions!

    And hurricane season in Florida brings all the AWESOME examples of Floridians on camera for the news. I mean I know your house was damaged, but that really isn't an excuse for not having a shirt or shoes on -- I'm pretty sure the news crew would have given you 5 minutes to round something up!

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for your adorable comment on my blog! YOURS is so cute too! I'm glad we're new blogger friends as I'll be following you as soon as I publish my comment.

    I totally feel you on your post here. Why do all the people who represent Idaho have to be the WORST POSSIBLE representation? (Sentaor Craig, anyone?) It's so annoying. Yes, there are some rednecks, but Boise, where I live, is full of wonderful, talented, educated people. Why don't THEY ever make it into the news?

  5. South Carolina never disappoints.

    My favorite Walmart to visit is the one in Myrtle Beach. I know it's mostly tourists, but holy cow... It's great for people watching.

  6. Holy Cow, I'm speechless! "How much is 2/3 lb?" WOW

  7. oh no...
    Don't worry...MD has our fair share of hillbillies! haha!

  8. Yeah, being from Kentucky, I find my dear state is often stereotyped. And, unfortunately, every now and then, I come across people who help perpetuate the hillbilly image. But, just like you, I love where I live and can take pride in knowing what a beautiful place it is! Have a wonderful day!


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