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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Real To Do List

As I reorganize and unpack, I came across this adorable hand painted plaque, The Real To Do List that used to hang in Mini #1's bathroom. I went to hang it and just read over it again and thought I would share:

Smile at Strangers.
Keep learning.
Notice Kindness.
Eat ice cream.
Count your blessings.
Love some more.

Enough said. Can't wait to hear about all of your weekends. Have a great day! Cheers!


  1. Love it and needed that this morning! Eat icecream...sounds good! :D

  2. Super cute, I think I might steal it and make a plaque for my new house! I can't wait to see pictures of yours!

  3. Very cute;)

    Did I see this at Hallmark??

    I hope your day is FAB, just like you!
    ps- you've got mail!

  4. Oh, I love that!! How often we need to be reminded . . .

  5. What a wonderful to do list and so true! I hope the unpacking is going well -- don't forget to take a couple breaks. I am going to try my best to get some books out to you tomorrow!

  6. smile at strangers. I'm going to work on that tomorrow.


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