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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Dreaming of...

THIS!!! A tranquil, secluded, white sandy beach.

I know you all were thinking this was the view from my backyard, but sadly it is not. I would love to plant myself in that chair with a great book and listen to the waves all day! Care to join me???

Perhaps if I close my eyes, wiggle my nose or fold my arms and blink I can be transported there right now. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. Nope, othing, nada.

Still one mini trying to eat her way through a book and another trying to build four train tracks while screeching "toot toot." I'll keep trying though...

I recently learned that Mr. Molly Lou is a fan of the blog and has been reading. How sneaky of him. Glad I haven't posted anything really juicy about him. Our five year anniversary is coming up and I know this is where that sweet husband is taking me. Wink, wink!

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  1. Having a crazy week at work, and that looks divine!

  2. Count me in! Are you about ready for some new books to read in that lovely chair?

  3. Don't forget to give me the plans of OUR trip-
    I am ready to go!!!

    Isn't funny when the hubby reads? I always crack up when I see Roddy's comments!

    Love D

  4. That would be the perfect place to go...awwww...!!! Erin @ The Prep-E Girl paired us up to be swap buddies for her Fourth of July Swap!! YAY!!! Here's my email address.

  5. I'll be there! That looks fab!

  6. Oh, I would love to plant myself on that same beach.


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