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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't Hate...

Ok, so for those of you that tuned in to Saturday's "Snapshot Saturday", you saw the adorable Fenway! This Basset Hound's very cute picture was sent in to be featured. It was a great little post, but I got HATE MAIL!

I am not kidding, HATE e-mail. Not about the adorable dog...don't get too upset!

I mentioned that I am not really a "dog person," but Fenway almost made me want one. The HATE mail was in regards to my not being a "dog person." These emails tried to teach me that having a dog was great, dogs bring such love and fun to your life, that I should open my heart to a dog, dogs would be beneficial to the minis, blah, blah, blah!

First of all, I am so thrilled for all of you that love dogs and have them. I agree that dogs bring people joy, love, friendship, etc. I did not make accusations or state anything to the contrary. I grew up with dogs...always had one. I don't mind dogs and can certainly be in a home that has them. Most of my family and friends have them and YAY for them.

Here are some of my arguments against ME having a dog:

When I was two, I was attacked by our German Shepherd. Long story, but I am pretty sure that started my adversion to canines. I made it out fine, but I think it is understandable why I was skiddish around dogs growing up.

Molly Lou Mini #1 is also allergic to dogs, so that poses a slight problem with the dog as a pet in the Molly Lou house. To the one that said that my children needed to have a dog growing up and gain that love and companionship of a dog (I am rolling my eyes at you and perhaps more). I am in no way impairing my children's abililty to have a happy, healthy, and normal childhood. My parents have dogs and other friends and family, so they are around dogs enough and then Mini #1 has his nebulizer treatment and steroid medicine if it's really bad.

Mr. Molly Lou doesn't feel that he is responsible enough for a dog. He used to really want one, but then realized what all it would entail. And let me just remind you that I have two children, a messy husband, business, house, etc. and I DO NOT NEED TO ADD A DOG TO THAT!

I am obsessive compulsive. I need to have a clean house. I already vaccuum at least once a day and add a dog to that mix between shedding, sickness, food, and drool, I might just lose it. Did I already mention how messy Mr. Molly Lou is?

I appreciate all your thoughts on our needing a dog, but hopefully I have opened your eyes to my reasons and certainly hope this doesn't affect our friendship. To those of you who sent the hate mail, thanks for taking the time to fill me in on your thoughts, but might I make a tiny suggestion: GET A CAUSE. There are MUCH more deserving causes and others who need sound life advice that perhaps you could extend an olive branch to.

Have a great day! Cheers!


  1. I do love dogs (more than cats or any other household pet)...but currently, I like other people's dogs. Mr. Crab has pet allergies and we both have different opinions on whether a dog should be kept indoors or outdoors. Mr. Crab grew up on a farm, where all the animals were outdoors. Our dog growing up, was indoors. It's easier to agree that we won't have dogs right now. Maybe when we are done having kids and they are a little older.
    I love dogs, but honestly, do not want one right now! We also travel alot in the fall (VA Tech football games). hate from this gal!

  2. I am not a hater;)

    I am sorry you got that mean mail-
    You don't have to justify yourself to anyone friend!

    What's right for you isn't always best for the next person and vice versa-

    Try to have a good day and remember it's five o'clock somewhere, CHEERS!

  3. Wow - hate mail over not having a dog?! That's nuts. I am a dog person, but I certainly don't expect everyone else to be one. There are lots of people who (gasp!) grew up without dogs, and shocker of shockers, they turned out to be just fine!

    Hope you have a great day!

  4. Sheesh! That's a bit - ummm...drastic of someone! LOL!

    I grew up without a dog. My parents got Pfeiffer when I was 24. She's my "love" but their dog!

    I would LOVE a dog of my own but DH knows that we don't have the time or the money for a pet right now. But, that doesn't mean I can't still care for dogs in a different way (donating to animal shelters, playing with other people's dogs, even my collars that I am making). It would be selfish of me to get a dog that I couldn't afford to/or have the time to take care of right now!

    Anyways - it's YOUR life Miss MLG, don't let this silliness get under your skin! We still love you!


  5. As a dog lover, I can say that it's A-OK not to have one. Trust me, if you don't want one (especially for the reasons listed above,) it's best not to have one. This doesn't make you inhumane or mean, it just means you're smart enough to protect your sanity (because I love mine, but it's that very love that protects him from me killing him after he does something stupid, like chew through an entire area rug. If I didn't love him, I'd NEVER tolerate him, and I wouldn't expect anyone else, too.) Don't worry; we still love ya!

  6. all very valid points! I am a dog person but i don't take it personal if someone has a cat... let alone plenty of other reasons to not have one. Jeez, I can't believe someone would make such a big deal! I'm always glad when people realize the responsibility of having a pet BEFORE they get one! If they can't take care of it, how fair is that to the dog?

  7. I don't even know what to say to this, except your hate mail may be more ridiculous than Jon and Kate using their divorce (or "separation" with legal proceedings to dissolve their marriage) for ratings!

    It is no secret that I am a dog lover but they aren't for everyone. It's no biggie and I'm sorry that you even felt the need to justify yourself. Just keep on keeping on and don't let this get to so isn't worth it.

  8. Hate mail? You have officially arrived.
    Some people aren't dog people - why should that spark controversy?

  9. You can't be serious! HATE MAIL! I myself am not a dog person (or cat person for that matter) but I would be horrified to know that someone would send me hate mail over it! Ridiculous! Two of my children have asthma and so is my husband so that's partly why we don't have a dog. Also, I'm allergic to dog and cat hair but we are considering getting our children a dog because we know they really want one! We are researching what kind would be best for our family. I'm so sorry some people feel the need to bring drama where there was no need for it! Take care! :)

  10. Who has time to try to convince you to get a dog?!?! Geez!

    To each their own, right? I love dogs, but I understand why some people don't...they are messy, a lot of work and can cost a small fortune.

    That's like trying to convince someone who isn't ready for kids that it really is in their best interest to have them.

    Sorry you had to listen to that!!!

  11. I'm with Happiness Is..., trying to convince someone to get a dog when they don't want one or can't have one is like telling someone what their life is missing by not having kids.

    And I agree -- GET A CAUSE!

  12. I agree! My family has a dog now (mini schnauzer-they're hypoallergenic an don't shed) and i love her. I wanted one growing up but only because all my friends did. I was attacked by a large dog as a child and still am nervous around big dogs. My boyfriend has an EXTREMELY well trained mut(weimeranier and lab mix=massively shedding dog) and i love him. because he's trained like a person (he can open a door no lie). but he sheds SO MUCH. i could be sitting on the couch with a raincoat, uggs, and sweatpants tucked in and i would sitll find his hair in my bra later. seriously it's rediculous. and allergies are awful. SO DONT FEEL BAD about not having a dog. they are great. but not for every family. you MUST have time to train it and give it attention, just because it doesn't talk english doesn't mean it doesn't require just as much work/care/attention as a 2 year-old toddler!

  13. Aww I am so sorry you got hate mail! How rude!! Some people just like different animals or no animals and others should accept that :)

    p.s. are the mousepads back in stock? :) & again, soooo sorry people sent you hate mail :( don't take it personally!

  14. Oh my goodness. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I mean, I love dogs, but I'm not going to force them on everyone else! Please know that I, for one, am convinced that your children can lead wonderful, happy, loving, enriched lives without having a family pet. Why do I know this? Two important reasons. The first is, clearly, common sense that whatever those people said was completely ridiculous. The second is that I really never had a pet growing up (besides two cats that only lived short amounts of time!) and I kind of think I turned out okay. I still have love in my life, I understand all sorts of animal issues, and I got my first dog at the tender young age of...25.

    So there. :)

  15. For some people dogs work and for some they just don't. It doesn't make you a good or bad person. No matter what your preference is.

    People are weird and hate mail is silly.


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