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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've let you down...

I'm so sorry Blogland friends that I have let you down. You all know of my love and somewhat obsession with Kate Spade. I know it's unhealthy, but I do really heart her and all of her fab designs. I covet my KS items and almost sold a mini once to get a new bag.

But, I have let you all down. Apparently there is a Kate Spade sample sale going on at her website. That's right, I said SAMPLE SALE!!! Items up to 75% off. HALLELUJAH! I did not know about this glorious find until my sister-in-law clued me in a few hours ago and then my lovely friend A (Perfectly Pleasant) just thought of me and sent me an email. What great friends!

I am truly depressed and embarassed by this. I mean why kind of KS lover am I if I didn't even know about this glorious find??? I think these two minis are really sucking the life out of me and I fear that one day not far from now, I will be wearing mom jeans, a ratty t-shirt, and carrying a denim handbag around.

Oh, GOD! I think I just had a slight nervous breakdown. Please don't let that happen. Nightmares are sure to come tonight.

Check it out and you know that I would adore anything you care to send my way. Cheers! Go now!


  1. I got the email this morning and really want to get my hands on a pacific blue or hibiscus quinn! The price cannot be beat.

  2. haha, stay away from the mom jeans and I don't even know what to say about the denim handbag -- all I can picture are the bags made of the butt of the jeans, bedazzled with puff paint!

    Go buy the bag you've been eyeing NOW so this doesn't happen! Tell Mr. Molly Lou that it is a MUST :)

  3. Ok, this is by far, the BEST post I have read all day. Off to check it out, thanks!

  4. I bought the hibiscus Quinn! How can you say no to 50% off?!?

  5. Yesss! Someone emailed me about the sample sale as well. I wish I had money right now...I would have picked up a bunch of fun stuff!

  6. *swoon*. Oh so, so, so pretty! for our new house or buy a Kate Spade? WHY IS LIFE SO HARD!?!?

  7. Oh crap, how did you know what I am wearing right now. I knew I was being watched! :)(thank goodness for the smiley face or people would really think I'm crazy.)

  8. okay that totally made me laugh, thank you!


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