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Monday, March 1, 2010

You Might NOT Be...

in a good mood this fine almost spring morning if:

You got zero sleep last night because your children had issues and decided to need you all night.

Mini #2 started SCREAMING just before midnight and you know that I had just fallen in to slumber and about to dream about my model self laying on a beach with one of my crushes.

I rolled out to see what was wrong with my sweet girl that is normally an award winning sleeper. She didn't actually go back to a full sleep until after4:00 am.

I rocked her, couched cuddled with her, brought her to our bed, and then finally took her to Mini #1's bed (as he was on the couch or in my bed by this point.) I don't know what was wrong with her and I hope this was an isolated occassion.

Mini #1 woke up at some point during my house tour with the other one. He needed some hugs, a drink, and then said he couldn't sleep. He dozed on the couch and then went to sleep with his Daddy.

It's Monday, so that also means that Mr. leaves around 5 to drive the few hours to where he works and lives during the week. I got up to tell him goodbye and go over a few things. No coffee for him this morning.

So, friends, I think that I am going to pray that I get through this day awake and without doing something wrong with the excuse of sleep deprivation.

Happy Monday.


  1. Oh you poor thing! I just don't know how you manage when your Mr. is away. I think the only way I survive is knowing that if I get up early today, he gets up early tomorrow so I can sleep in. :)

  2. We are living parallel lives, it seems. Granted, I only have one at the moment, but our nights were eerily similar regardless. Sending energetic vibes your way.

  3. Le sigh! I'm sorry sweet friend, I cherish my sleep and I don't know how I would function with two mini's on little to no sleep.

    Yet another reason I wished we lived closer, I'd come by and entertain the Mini's for you while you get your beauty sleep.

    Sending caffeine thoughts your way!!

    Big Hugs,

  4. I'm with 'ya girlfriend! I just did a blog post about re-upping yesterday's mascara with another coat. ha!

  5. Oh no! Why does sleep deprivation have to ruin a day? I'm so sorry! (And trust me, I ask myself this all the time!)

  6. My Monday was absolutely brutal. Sorry yours was too!

  7. Hope today was a better day!!! We've all been there, dearie...


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