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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Thursday

I am running on very little sleep again thanks to my darling daughter that used to sleep but now does not.

Let's make this day better with a little sale.

Today until midnight buy any 2 of our new The Kiwi Tree greeting cards and get 1 FREE.
Make it even better and get FREE SHIPPING too.

That's right folks, B2G0FFS: Buy 2, Get One Free Free Shipping.
These are the funny, stylish, fabulous, and unique new line of greeting cards. Now that spring is just around the corner, use these great cards to let your friends and loved ones know you are about to come out of hibernation and that the transparent skin you are sporting doesn't mean you are now a ghost.

Hop over to the shop and pick out your greetings. Sale ends tonight at midnight.

(When ordering, just order TWO cards and then in the notes section, let us know what you want your third and FREE card to be. At checkout, enter code FREESHIP to receive free shipping on your card order. Easy peasy!)

Happy Thursday. Don't forget to click here to pick out your new cards.

Have a great day.
PS-If you haven't read the back of the Don't Judge Me card, you must! :)


  1. I still love these cards. A lot. Hope your day turns around...any possibility for a nap??

  2. That multiple choice card is hilarious! Hope you get some rest soon!

  3. That's it...I’m hopping in my car and making my way over to entertain the Mini's while you get some rest...I'll be there next Tuesday!

    Seriously, I really wished we lived closer so I could lend you a hand. Too bad we missed the opportunity when you were actually in the same county as me…boo!!!

    Sorry if I'm rambling, I'm on muscle relaxers and it's fabulous, however they are making me a bit dingy, well more dingy than Don't Judge Me! lol

    Love the cards, so clever and cute!

    Ummm, my word verification is fackme….what’s up with that??!


  4. Those cards made me really laugh out loud AGAIN this morning!

  5. OH... and hope you can squeeze a little "Me Time" today to get some rest...


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