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Monday, March 29, 2010


I love my life.

I love the minis. They truly make my life better and amaze me each day.

Although at some point every day, I stop for a half-second and think "How did my life get to this point?"

It may be while cleaning up endless toys, tripping over a train, wiping bums, singing silly songs for the 4532 time that day.

I hear what some friends may be doing and let's just say that some days it is exactly a 180 degree different than what my day might entail. Not bad, just different.

I was thinking earlier about some of things I have said to the minis over the past 48 hours. Lines, thoughts, reprimands, suggestions, and ideas that I never thought I would say or dare have to repeat in my life.

For example:

"We do not play in the toilet."

"You cannot eat icing for dinner. Sugar is in fact not healthy."

"Toothpaste is for cleaning our teeth, not making a sculpture on the bathroom counter. You know that and now you get to help clean it up."

"That is the most beautiful octopus dinosaur train painting I have ever seen."

"Mommy's razor is not a shower toy. Please put it down now."

"Dirt doesn't belong in our mouth. It's dirty. Yuck."

A few minutes later "DIRT DOES NOT BELONG IN OUR MOUTH. NO! NO! NO!"

"No! Enchiladas don't belong in your hair. Try your mouth. You eat them, not play dress up." **
"How many times do I have to remind you that you must wipe your bum or ask for help after you poop?"

"I don't think it is a good idea to hang from the railing. Mommy is pretty sure that you aren't a monkey. Don't do it."

"If I break my neck on these cars on the floor they are getting taken away for good and you will be so sad." (Great line I know...I bet he sure was scared.)

Ahhh, my life as a mother. Always something to reflect on.

**You should have seen Mini #2 after the homemade enchilada dinner. I think we took pictures. No joke, Mr. and I played "Rock. Paper. Scissors." to see who had to get her out of the chair and take place of the disaster that she was. He lost. :)

Hope you had a great weekend. Happy Monday!


  1. Ahh, but think of it this way, you took pictures of the enchilada dinner, things to remember by later when you get all teary eyes. Same for the poop. Lallie has run through the house, it smeared on her, toilet paper hanging out her butt (hey she tried) and she has the BIGGEST smile as I chase her down. After the fact, you can't help but laugh. These days won't last long, so while trying, their experiencing their environment, and you'll laugh later! :-)

  2. And you want to add a Mini #3 to that mix?! Hehe Kidding, kidding. More to love, more stories to tell, more... grey hairs? :)

    We play rock, paper, scissors for diaper changes on the weekends. We have a nice system during the week, but it doesn't carry to the weekends when I get lazy, apparently. :)

    Have a great week!!

  3. You're so funny! It is amazing how things look so different when written down! xoxo

  4. LOL!!!! I am pretty sure I said "We do not play in the toilet" 100 times this weekend LOL

    so funny!! Happy Monday!

  5. It's official. We are definitely living parallel lives. And I only have one for now! I can't imagine the craziness when #2 arrives!

  6. These are precious times my friend, even wiping bums, hanging from the railing and enchilada outfits! Time goes quickly! Your mini's are precious! Have a fabulous week Sweet Friend.


  7. My BFF just posted on FB that she actually said, "Put your clothes on! We do NOT jump on the trampoline naked!!!"


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