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Thursday, March 25, 2010

OCD takeover

I am pretty sure that OCD may have taken over my 4 year old.

Yesterday morning, Mini #1 looks away from his breakfast by the window where the sun is beaming in and you can see those evil dust flecks floating around mocking us.

Mini #1 says "Mom, I hate dust."

I reply that yes, I indeed do as well.

A few minutes later he says again "This dust is making our house dirty. I really hate dust."

This boy gets me. I knew there was a reason or two why I loved him sooooo much.

Later in the afternoon, he is playing in his room where the sun has now shifted and is beaming through his bedroom dormer.

Mini #1: (yells downstairs) "Mom, I can't play like this."

Me: What's wrong?

Mini #1: "The dust is in my room now. I can see it. (then in a song) Dust, dust go away. You're making our house dirty."

Perhaps there is a Mommy and Me therapy session that we can go to together to work through our dust rage.

Dust, WE WILL WIN SOMEDAY! You may win a battle or two, but the war is mine (and now Mini #1's.)

Have a great day.

**I would like to point out that in case there are any new readers or people that skim over my OCD tendancies, I dust daily and can't stand it. You know the


  1. Oh man, I wish I dusted daily. You're my hero. (And now, Mini #1 of course.)

  2. You dust DAILY? Okay, that's it, I'm dusting today.

  3. ha! A mini OCD'er after my own heart.

  4. Oh my goodness how cute! What a sweetie, so honest. And yes, now I need to go dust too!! :) XO

  5. I hate it, too. And why, in 24 hours does it come back with such a vengeance!! xoxo

  6. As a OCD type A myself I hate to say i think your right.
    new follower

  7. I so get you my you have EDS (easily distracted syndrome) as well? I have a severe case.

    Your mini #1 is going to make his future Mrs. one very happy lady. I so wish my man hated dust!

    Thank you sweet friend for stopping by, you always bring a smile to my face!

    Big hugs,


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