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Monday, March 22, 2010

Talkin' About the Car Wash...

We want to raise responsible children.

Mr. is always quick to remind our children on how much they cost and that a good way to be responsible is to get a job and start contributing to the household expenses and repay some of the debt they have been accumulating since before birth.

Whenever Mr. asks Mini #1 "You know what you need?" Mini always answers "a job."

I mean they are cute and really smart. Cute+smart+funny+hardworking+mini size=Successful business

We went to visit my parents this weekend and on Friday, Mini #1 had the brilliant idea to start his own business. (He was really looking for a reason to play some more with the hose.)

He enlisted the help of his sister and these two were the perfect team.

I now present the Mini Car Wash.

First customer, his grandmother's car.

No detail was missed and the wash is a steal at this place. Aren't the workers just adorable. Mini #1 declared that his car washes would only cost $1.
That's right, $1. (Although heavy tips are certainly appreciated and accepted.) Mr. was thrilled with this business plan when he arrived and kept trying to get him to raise the prices, but the owner stood firm on this.
So, go ahead, line up and get yourselves to the car wash!
Happy Monday.


  1. Those are the cutest car washers I have ever seen!!

  2. Awwww...they look SO cute! I would totally take a car wash for $1!

  3. I wish I lived near you so I could get my car washed by them...I'd tip REALLY well to those cute faces!

  4. How cute! Young entrepreneurs, you gotta love it!

  5. oh that is super super cute. You and your kids. Just too much cuteness, I swear! PS I have my laptop back! Finally! So I am back in business.
    hope you are well!

  6. I love this! Too bad they aren't closer to me. The Three Minute Wash I use is $12 ;-) xoox

  7. ha! Adorable. Love the "a job" answer. Never too young to start bringing in the cash.

  8. Love that they are learing to be responsible at such an early age. They are TOOOOOOO CUTE!!! :)

  9. So cute! My boys are getting a lawnmower with some of our tax return money. They will be cutting the grass soon... every week. We will pay them $5 each. Still better than the yard man we are looking forward to letting go now that the boys are old enough to push the mower!

  10. I'll meet you in Hilton Head in July, and the Minis can wash my car! I'll heavily tip, I promise!

  11. They can come wash mine whenever they want! ;)


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