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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dancing the Free Love

First of all, we need to get to the most important part of the day. You know my love affair with Starbucks and last week I expressed my newest love addiction in their vanilla bean mini scones . I brought Mini #2 down with me. Now I can bring you all down with me too.

TODAY until 10:30 am, you can get FREE PASTRY of choice when you purchase a drink. This is sure to get your day started off right. I am so sad that I cannot partake in this. Between getting Mini #1 to school and my Meals on Wheels route, I can't get there before they cut the goodness off for the day. I haven't broken the news to Mini #2 yet...she may not forgive me. Click here to print the coupon and get going to your nearest barista and think of me with any one of their fabulous yummies.

Moving on...who caught Dancing with the Stars last night? Another one of my love affairs. I am just not sure about this season and am still trying to put together my thoughts on it. This season is quite the Motley Crew, much more than usual.

I mean Kate Gosselin (think she needs to head on back to her brood of minis, but love me some Tony), Evan Lysacek (dancing on the ice), Erin Andrews (she is just so darn cute and quite a pair for the yummy Maksim), Jake the Bachelor (I just don't get it), Buzz Aldrin (adorable & brave old man), Chad Ochocinco (made up his own name...interesting?!?!?), Niecy Nash (oh so funny), Pam Anderson (ewww, but I so wish I had her legs), Shannen Doherty (dry up the tears, honey), Nicole Scherzinger (love her partner), and Aidan Turner (yum-o and funny).

Of course, in my head I could so totally do all of those dances, look fabulous in those skimpy sequins, and get those perfect 10s while giving some constructive criticism to my fellow stars.

Eventually, I do bounce back to reality and just enjoy watching it on television.

Happy Tuesday. Have a great day.

1 comment:

  1. I'll admit. I'm watching (on my computer) DTWS. Solely because of Kate Gosselin. I'm crossing my fingers they get Michelle Duggar next season. It's the only thing that could be more awkward!


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