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Friday, March 26, 2010

Just Give Me a Fluffy Tail...

And some whiskers and two long ears and call me the Easter Bunny.

Want to know what I spent 3 hours doing last night?

Stuffing 427 (no exaggeration and who's counting) little plastic eggs with trinkets and candy for our church's Easter Egg Hunt and Festival on Sunday.

Did you catch that 3 hours and 427 eggs? I told you I lived a glamorous life spending my evening doing such exciting things.

I would be perfectly happy to never see any more plastic eggs again, but since my children are still very little, we have 3 more egg hunts before Easter this year, I'll probably be asked to stuff eggs again next year for church, and since we have daily egg hunts around the house (Mini#1's new obsession...he better kick bum in the friendliest way possible at those egg hunts with all this practice) it looks like my perfect happiness is far from reality.

How many other cool people do you know could cut themselves on the finger with a plastic egg?

Aren't you thrilled to know me? Yes, yes I did do that. Sometimes those little suckers are tough to crack open. I used my massive strength to open one and crushed it, therefore cracking plastic and cutting my poor finger. Let that be an Easter safety lesson for us all.

Happy a great weekend!


  1. Poor thing!! That is a lot of eggs! I hope mini #1 kicks some bunny tail at your hunts. (In a friendly way of course). Have a good weekend! It is the Cooper River Bridge Run here which is a nightmare for people and traffic. I am going in to hiding.

  2. You deserve an Easter medal!! xoxo

  3. I am pretty sure I blogged about it last year but I am a total Easter scrooge. I HATE Easter. A lot. Now I have another reason. It's downright dangerous.

  4. Easter Eggs can be dangerous!!

    I had a pet bunny growing up. His name was Peter Rabbit & the Easter Bunny gave him to me. I loved that little fluff!

    I'm thinking of doing Easter baskets for the munchkins. What should I include?

  5. Cherish these days, my dear. My almost 11 and 8 boys would look at me as if I were crazy to every suggest such an outing. Sniff sniff...


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