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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Does She Have that I Don't?

I haven't mentioned my husband's "other woman" before, but I guess it is time.

My husband has a serious love affair going on.

Some days I think he loves her more than me. Some days I know this is true.

Some days he swears he can stop and some days he knows that isn't true.

She is able to give him so much more than I am. She is everywhere and offers a place that he can spend hours enjoying himself and dreaming.

She feeds him and sometimes even clothes him.

She helps him plan a party, buy gifts, try new things, and over indulge in some of his most loved things.

When I go out of town, she is the first place he goes and doesn't seem to want to leave.

She is COSTCO (and any other grocery store really, but Costco is his best "she.")

I guess I know what she has and I don't. She is a warehouse filled with pounds and pounds of meat, 2 lb. bags of coffee, vegetable assortment, big aisles that beg you to roam them, yard "stuff," pizza, $.59 sodas, huge bags of chips, toilet paper to last years, and 102 different flat screen televisions right as you walk in.

Seriously, my husband has a love affair with Costco. He could spend hours in there and then gets a gleam in his eye when "she" is mentioned.

He gets really excited to go there and then downright giddy if I tell him he can go alone. (I usually have to set a timeframe if we are going as a family or else this one little trip could turn in to an all day affair.)

While I love the prices, Costco is not on my top 100 venues to hang out and I certainly don't sit around wishing to go to Costco. This was my husband's biggest con to moving to our new house-mine was Target and his proximity to his fave place.

The day the Costco coupon mailer comes in the mail is his favorite day of the month and if it arrives when he is away during the week, he doesn't like for me to open them.

I know this is unhealthy and he really should enter a 12 step program, but I am not sure he will ever "break the habit."

Perhaps one day, he will get that "glimmer" in his eyes when he thinks about me and not her.


  1. ha! At least he has good taste for large wholesale women ... I mean stores. So glad he's not a Wal-Mart woman kinda man.

  2. My hubby loves Costco too. Too funny!

  3. My hubs loves it too! Oh my gosh, I have to put time limit on his time in the electronics section alone when we go! Bizarre!

  4. Oh my! haha at first I thought...could it be his car? but then when you said "she feeds him and sometimes even clothes him"...

    Hm...we dont have a Costco...that I know of!

    Blessings & Aloha!


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