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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pay It Forward Holiday Style...

Happy Thursday ya'll! On Monday, the post on Good Will Grace was AWESOME! I would just tell you to click the link and check it out for yourself, but I know that sometimes the mouse/finger gets lazy and doesn't actually click the link and read the fantasticness (my new word) that is to be had from this blog so I have just included the post (see below) for you to enjoy. You see, Whitney writes a weekly feature over at GWG and this week she is challenging us to Pay it Forward once a week this holiday season.

It is such a wonderful idea and something we should be doing ALL.OF.THE.TIME. and don't. This can be anything and it doesn't matter how small the gesture is. Think of how happy you feel when someone does something nice for you out of the blue or even just offers a friendly smile when you are having a not so good day.

I signed up for this weekly challenge and YESTERDAY I did my first one. You see there is this homeless man that I see everyday on my way to take Mini #1 to school. He is always walking on this particular street and I have heard that he has a tent in some woods along that road. Yesterday, it POURED all day! I mean my yard is flooded and monsoon is perhaps a better word for the daily precipitation. Sure enough, there he was walking down the road in the awfulness. THE MOMENT STRUCK ME! After taking Mini #1 to school, Mini #2 and I cruised through the drive through at McDonald's and purchased two sausage biscuits and a large coffee. I drove my same route home and found him just where I thought I would along his route. I stopped, dropped him off his breakfast, told him to have a great day and I would see him again.

He just said "thank you."

A small, small thing to do and hopefully I helped make the otherwise wet and cold day for this man just a little better.

Now, thanks to Whitney, I am challenging you to PAY IT FORWARD. I will let you know what my next week task is.

Whitney's GWG post from Monday:
I've been decorating for Christmas all weekend, listening to Christmas music and just generally getting in the holiday spirit.
I've had my first official "Christmas" Starbucks in the red cup, seen mothers fighting over the last "My LifeSize Doll" in the WalMart toy aisle and waited in a checkout line longer than the number that represents the federal deficit.
The official holiday season has begun, y'all.
Last night while I was going to sleep I was thinking about last Christmas and I remember one post from a blogger that really stood out to me. I had just found Gwen's blog and this was one of the first posts I had read, but it had such an impact on me.
This is what the holiday season should be about - giving. Even if it's something small, no matter how much it makes a huge difference.
So, I'm going to make a pledge and a challenge.
My pledge is that at least once a week, I'm going to pay it forward to someone. It could be someone in line behind me at Starbucks, my struggling co-worker, a fellow blogger - I won't know until the moment strikes me.
My challenge is to have you join me. Once a week, give to someone who least expects it. And make it a spur of the moment decision. Sure, it will make you feel good but I guarentee you it will make the recipient feel even better.
And little by little, that will make for a better holiday season for everyone!

Have a great day!

PS-HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fabulous and dear friend, E over at Ink Obsession Designs. She is such a wonderful friend. I am so happy to have her in my life. I hope she has a wonderful day and year ahead! Happy Birthday E!!


  1. ML! What a great way to pay it forward. I've been trying to do small things for random people - let the person who's trying to turn out in traffic, hold the elevator for people, hold doors, reach for things on shelves they may not be able to, etc.

    I'm paying it forward in a small way to my readers too on my blog with small giveaways that will last through Christmas.

  2. I LOVE this! It really is the small gestures and acts of kindness that make all the difference.

    I'm sure that you made that homeless man feel loved and cared about, something I’m sure he doesn’t feel often enough.

    Thank you for this lovely post and for the challenge to get involved and pay it forward! I too will try to do something each day to make a little difference to somebody!

    Love and hugs,

  3. You're such a good, sweet person!

    p.s. I wish we all lived closer so we could go out and celebrate E's birthday!

  4. What a sweet thing to do for a homeless man!! What a big heart you have and you will be blessed for your generosity!!

  5. You're awesome!! And you are right; it is the small things. Even a smile helps sometimes. xoxo


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