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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

21 Things Your House Needs

I love home design and decor and I love Ballard Design. They always have fun things to look at. Yesterday, in my inbox there was an email from Ballard Design. They teamed up with Traditional Home Magazine and sent over the 21 Things Your Home Needs.

They gave a list that I have added below and then linked back to various Ballard Design items to help you complete the look.

I am always on the hunt and lookout for something really cool. My husband LOVES my constant set of ideas which to him simply equates to more time/work and more money. It is the more money part that always seems to get me and keeps many of my ideas upstairs in my pretty little head.

1. a place for your drink
2. a nomad console
3. a lamp to read by
4. knock-your-socks-off art
5. a cushy chair
6. party-friendly portables
7. grown-up dinners
8. a versatile bookshelf
9. natural fibers
10. a welcome entry table
11. a pretty place for laundry
12. a hang out bed
13. a mirror mirror
14. a french connection
15. a place to put your feet up
16. a truly comfortable sofa
17. a pillow wardrobe
18. eye-catching accessories
19. patterns that make a statement
20. a touch of modern
21. a well-adjusted dining table

I adored many of the ideas, but one of them I have been fixated on.

#11-A pretty place for your laundry. Take a look at this picture as per their suggestion.
I love this set-up. Now, I don't have the space nor the money to do this with my laundry spot, but oh how I WISH I did.
I spend so much time doing load after load after load after load of laundry. I get so sick of folding clothes and searching for mismatched socks that perhaps it would take some of the pain away if I had a pretty little spot like this. I could just about spend all day in that little piece of heaven.
However, let's just say that the skies opened up and by miracle, my laundry area looked like that, I can ASSURE you that it WOULD NEVER LOOK LIKE THAT.
Between the minis and their dirt/grime and sometimes unidentified stains and then the complete new level that Mr. ML is able to bring to dirty clothes and messes in general, this would only depress me if I saw what this spot could be, but had to look at the disaster that mine constantly was.
There would be stacks of folded laundry waiting to be put away, more laundry to do, a stack of clothes that required additional scrubbing and miracle detergent, mismatched socks, oh my would certainly take over.
I would love to spend a weekend in the home that had that laundry room and kept it looking like that as well as the rest of the home decorated to accompany the perfecto laundry spot.
I guess this is the season for dreaming...


  1. I love Ballard! Sometimes you can get amazing clearance deals and I always find myself lusting over their rugs and furniture....

  2. If my laundry room looked like that I would probably get more laundry done. Well, maybe not. LOL

  3. I bet I could keep that spot clean about as long as I can keep my house clean...which is never more than 24 hours.

  4. I like that list. Unfortunately, we don't have the space for a laundry area like that either.

  5. I love Ballard too! If only I could afford it.

  6. Oh, I'd to have all those fun items in my home...I can dream...

  7. Ballards is one of my go to inspiration places. We have one of their retail shops here and I love to wander the store. Their list of must haves is spot on.


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