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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm a Friendaholic

Hi! My name is Mrs. Molly Lou and I am a friendaholic.

I have been obsessed with Friends since it's conception. I watched religiously and would plan my nights around it's Thursday spot or I would VHS tape it if I had to work or had class(Tivo wasn't around or I couldn't afford it). I have them all on DVD and watch episodes all of the time on TV.

Seriously, this show is the best sitcom ever. I can defend it against just about any show. Mr. Molly Lou and I often argue over this...he claims The Cosby Show was and while I do think the Huxtable family is really fab, Friends still wins the race.

I still watch it just about everynight on FOX. The other night the series finale was on. I have probably seen this episode 20 times and EVERY TIME I CRY. Not just watery eyes, all out crying. Thank goodness that Mr. Molly Lou wasn't home or else he would have done his normal "routine." He would have rolled his eyes, proceeded to go on his rant on my abnormal obsession with this show and that I cry too much, it's just a tv show, blah, blah, blah.

I'm sure many of you are waiting to point out that we are going on 7 years since that episode premiered and the show bid farewell. I know, but it doesn't matter.

I can rattle off lyrics and would totally kick some bum in a trivia game about those 6 crazy kids. I was just talking last night with my friend Whitney about this and we decided that if we were to enter a Friends trivia contest, we would rule the world and be famous.

Trust me, I realize this is pathetic and perhaps I have a teeny issue.I just love the idea of the show and obviously it's oh so very funny lines.

Perhaps I want to live vicariously through Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross even all these years later.I heart New York City and as I currently live in a Cape Cod style home on a quiet street in a small town, have two children and spend more time reading Olivia or Dr. Seuss than Cosmo, it isn't like I am living the New York City, single, coffee house hangin' life.

Perhaps I will make a geriatric version of Friends. After all of my friends raise their children and retire, we can all get apartments in New York and sit at the Central Perk all day. I'm sure some of the conversations and funny scenarios played out in Monica's apartment won't be quite the same, they could be funny nonetheless.Start planning your roles, mark your calendars...we are casting for the Geriatric version of Friends to take place sometime in the 2030's.


  1. You and a million others which include myself and my children. Great show never missed it and even thought about buying the box set they have out of their shows.
    Miss the old tv shows nothing to watch now

  2. Sign me up! I'm obsessed, too! We have all 10 seasons on DVD. I can totally see Old People Friends! I am in! (And I cry at the finale every time I watch it, too)

  3. I totally live vicariously through the FRIENDS. Best post ever!

  4. Oh Soul Sister...I'm obsessed with this show as well! I remember when it was love at first sight for me!

    For years I would host a season premiere and a season finale party (yes, I'm nuts). Please tell Mr. Molly Lou that you are not alone and I bawl like a baby every time I see the series finale!

  5. Ooooh! Oooooh! Pick me! I'll be Phoebe! I love Friends, too. :)

  6. Ha! When I first started reading this I thought you were talking about real friends! I was about to comment that you have a lot of friends to cheer you up! Haha!

  7. Aaaah, Friends! I totally know what you mean :-) I heart this show so much! For Christmas this year, I told Chris that I wanted to round out my collection with the missing seasons. It's such a great, familiar show and I'm sad that it's not on anymore :-(

  8. Okay since I'm probably the least Friend's loving person (not that I don't love it, just not as much as y'all), I will be the out of town friend who visits!


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