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Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was left off the 10 Most Fascinating People list AGAIN this year. What the %&*#?

Seriously, Barbara Walters, what is going on? I thought we cleared this up last year when you left me off. Ugh.

I think I might boycott ABC (well, if they didn't have Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, and Modern Family I would totally pull the plug on them.)

Clearly they don't appreciate fine talent and truly know what fascinating is.

It was quite a motley crew list though-Glenn Beck, Kate Gosselin, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Jenny Sanford, Brett Favre, Tyler Perry, Mrs. Molly Lou, Michael Jackson, and Michelle Obama. Anyone else think that Lady Gaga was much more normal than expected and that it was so predictable that Michelle Obama was deemed most fascinating?

Oh goodness, I keep forgetting that I wasn't included in the list.

Anyone else incredibly sick of Kate Gosselin, Adam Lambert, and especially Sarah Palin??????

There's always next year for me...


  1. I am over Kate and Adam too. I love Glenn Beck though...I love his brutal honesty about himself and his thoughts. He gets a lot of backfire, but from his life struggles, he does fascinate me. Have you read his book? I couldn't put it down (the Christmas Sweater).

  2. Kate? Seriously? WTF.

    Adam Lambert....meh.

    Lady Gaga...ok, I can see why she made the list. But, is he fascinating or plain ole intriguing? Or, confusing?

    As for everyone else - including Mrs. MLG - I can totally see why Barbara WahWah had to do interviews because they truly are fascinating people. But, really...Kate!?!

  3. Sarah Palin AND Glenn Beck? Hmph.

  4. Kate Gosselin - really, Barbara Walters? She's one of the most fascinating people of the year? Maybe most overexposed, but most fascinating? Clearly you didn't search very far, Babs.


    Seriously, what's so fascinating there?

  6. Don't understand the Kate Gosselin or Adam Lambert or for that matter Michelle Obama atrraction.

  7. I was wholly disappointed in the list. And, if I NEVER saw Adam Lambert again it would be too soon!

  8. Barbara Walters is a double idiot! One for leaving you off and two for giving that whack job Kate more air time! Can you say NARCISSIST?

  9. Shame on Barbara, nasty grams for excluding you are headed her way! I pick Miss Molly Lou a million bizziolion times oveer Kate Gosslin, gag me, and Adam Lambert, yikes!

  10. I was too! Check my blog tomorrow!

  11. I can't believe Barbara made such a mistake!!! How could she leave Mrs. MLG off the list? What gives? And really...KATE?


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