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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fortune Cookies

Yesterday, my friend Michelle tweeted about a fortune cookie that she got at lunch yesterday. I tweeted back what I wished mine would have said at that moment.

Then, I started thinking of several possible fortune cookie readings that would be PERFECT right about now.

"Do not worry...the laundry will fold itself. No more clothes to worry about."

"A luxury vacation is coming your way. Pack your bags and enjoy."

"The pounds will just disappear. Do not worry, you will lost weight."

"Children are only little people once. Enjoy that innocence and love of exploring life with them."

"You will not be super wealthy in dollars, but you will not have to worry about finances in your life."

" 'Keeping up with the Joneses' never really worked for anyone."

"Your children will ALWAYS be well-behaved."

"Remember to enjoy the holiday season. There is so much fun to be had and it truly is a magical time."

What do you need your fortune cookie to say today?

Have a great day!

PS-HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday to Molly Lou sister-in-law. We love you and hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. Love this!!

    Sometimes, those darned fortunes come into your life at just the right time. Other times, they make no friggin' sense!

    I love the fortunes you WISH cookies would have...I agree with every single one!

    My fortune cookie needs to say: "Chin up. Things happen for a reason. God had a good reason for putting you through this crap...He's just not ready to surprise you yet."

  2. Love it! I once used to go to a Chinese restaurant that would give out "naughty" fortune cookies - but you had to ask for them. Pretty funny stuff.

    Mine today would say, "When it is raining outside, it is best to stay inside."

  3. The battle between you and your sinus infection will be over soon, leaving you victorious.


  4. I need mine to say "Don't worry. Drinking too much wine actually helps you LOSE weight. And it helps you win the lottery."

  5. "Leave work now. There's a new job waiting for you tomorrow."

    Ha! That is my dream come true!

    Love the ones you put! Esp about keeping up with the true!

  6. Love these! After a week of vacation that laundry fortune would be music to my ears! If only...

  7. Too funny! Mine would be: "The husband will cook you super tonight."

  8. Mine would say:

    "Your students will finish their homework on time and with actual effort so you can grade them and not be stuck at school the day before Christmas finishing missing work up with them."

  9. "Your path will makes itself clear in the very, super, very near future."


    Two awesome new books to send your way, besides the other two.

  10. Mine would say..."I'm a schmuck and you still like me!"

    Missed you...thanks for your visit!

  11. Mine should say, "That money tree in your back yard is in full bloom!"


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