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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Masterpiece or Messterpiece????

I'm the Gingerbread man today.

I will be making gingergbread houses with 11 three/four year olds for Mini #1's Christmas party at school.

Last night as I was preparing and getting everything ready for the monsters, I mean minis to create their houses, I slowly realized that this could lead to disaster.

The gingerbread houses are being made from graham crackers and then enough sugar to lead to a diabetic coma for house adornments.

Please say a little prayer for me, the teachers, and the adorable minis that their gingerbread house creations will be true MASTERPIECES and not messterpieces!!!!

Have a great day.

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  1. Oh goodness I don't envy you! I think it sounds like fun but a LOT of work! *whew* You'll have to let us know how you survive. :)

  2. Oh wow! For once, making a mess could be fun! Have fun! :-)

  3. We did the williams sonoma one and it was pretty easy on the mess! I was blown away!

  4. Haha!

    We definitely had messterpieces when the kiddos were over this past weekend decorating cookies!

    How fun, though!

  5. I personally think that sounds so fun, but if you'd see my house...or my car...or my desk at work, you'd know that messes don't bother me a bit. I hope you take pictures and post them!

  6. can't wait to hear how it went- I am jeal, I bet it was fun :)


  7. I hope it went well! You have to tell us how it went and show pics!You should come to my first grade class and do the same!

  8. I've never made one but I've always wanted to!

  9. Well, as you know I did not get to make gingerbread houses so I'm a little jealous of you! Ha!


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