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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Little Ditty about Happiness

This is about happiness and all things happy. Paint that rosy picture in your mind of you skipping down the lane with the cheesy music in the background. Get your mind in the happy zone.

The fabulous, lovely, wise, funny, and brilliant Whitney passed on the Happy 101 award. Seriously, if you don't follow her, you really should. I adore her and am so thankful to call her my friend. Thank you Whitney.

I love this award and it's title. Perhaps in college, they should offer a class on happiness and how to be happy. Sometimes it is so much easier to be grumpy, but the key to FIND the happiness.

This award suggests that I offer 10 things that make me happy and then pass on to 10 more happy peeps.

Here goes (in no particular order...perhaps you can guess the order):

1. Blogs-I love all of the friends that I have made in Blogland. It is so much more than I had thought it would be and I am thankful that I jumped in the Blog pool.

2. Clorox-Bleach, wipes, all purpose cleaner! Oh, the love a clean home and surface and the smell of clorox. Those little yellow, orange, and green clorox wipe cylinders bring a smile to my face just thinking about them.

3. Christmas trees-we have a "hodge podge" tree. I don't do a themed or color schemed tree. All of our ornaments mean something to us and represent a particular point or moment in our lives. It is so fun to pull them out each year and think about different times or laugh about something as we add that little piece of us to our tree. Mini #1 is old enough now to be interested as well. You should see our tree though, the bottom 1/3 is all ornaments that cannot break and isn't as evenly dispersed as the rest of the tree. The tornado that is Mini #2 loves her some Christmas tree. She likes to take the ornaments off and then her brother likes to help by putting them back on (in one big cluster).

Mr. ML has been feeling a little depressed that he is in a hotel room and not at home in our festive house. We both L-O-V-E all things Christmas. The minis and I brought him a wreath, some lights, candy canes, and a Christmas tree last night to decorate his suite. It all looks so cute in here. The minis and I are making ornaments, a star topper, and garland today for his tree.

4. Coffee-mmmmmmmmm! Yummy and addicting. I have said it before and I will say it again, there is something about those red Starbucks holiday cups that can take all your cares away.

5. Christmas songs-Hark the Herald Angels Sing..., Rockin' Around the Christmas tree..., Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells..., O Come All Ye Faithful..., etc. (got some in your head yet?!?!?!)

6. My Home-It is a wonderful place that I feel safe, secure, happy ,and cozy. My family is together and it is where we are building memories. Although we are in a new house, the memories are already flowing.

7. The Minis-I am constantly in awe of their awesome personalities and the fun and unique people they are becoming. It is amazing to see how different. Nothing is better than their laughs, smiles, hugs, and kisses.

8. Ballet flats-comfy and cute!

9. Vacations-How I wish I was on vacation now. The planning of vacations is so much fun too. I love the anticipation and you know that I NEED an organized too. (I'm closing my eyes right now and imagining what white sandy beach I am laying on, what umbrella drink I am sipping on, and what book I am absorbed in.)

10. Snail Mail-Normally our mailbox is filled with bills, ads, or mail from the crazy lady that lived in the house before us. I get so incredibly excited when I get a letter or something personal in the mail. It is a wonderful little surprise. This is also the best time of year for this...I love getting Christmas cards and hearing from some people that we connect with at the holidays.

Now, I am going to pass this along to some AWESOME friends. If you don't read their blogs, you really should. They will make you happy.

1. A at Perfectly Pleasant

2. E at Ink Obsession Designs

3. J at Bitsy Creations

4. Name Twin at Living in the Moment

5. K at French Charming

6. J at Clemson Girl and the Coach (FYI-best swap partner ever)

7. G at Namaste By Day

8. K at Experiments in a Galley Kitchen

9. K at The Perks (who by the way is jetsetting in Mexico now...LUCKY!)

10. M at Stuttering Shell

Happy Weekend! Have a HAPPY Friday!


  1. Lucky Perks it is freesing here in Chicagoland

  2. Yay! Thanks for the award & tag!

    I wish *I* was headed to Mexico...maybe next year...maybe next year. :)

  3. Love your happy list and we have many things in common. Isn't a hand written letter the best?!

    Thank you for passing this along sweet friend!

    Love and hugs,

  4. I totally thought I tagged you in this...or maybe that Brittany did. You are one of my happies (yes that is a word) too!

  5. Thank you NT (Name Twin!)

    And I'm with Gina. You're a "happy" in my life!

  6. Hey there!!!! It's been for.ever...since I have been by! (I can't wait til I have more "free" time again to do some blog reading catch up! It is almost 2am (so iI really gotta get to bed!) but wanted to take a peek and... I see your post with this fun list ( I love posts with lists about other bloggers)! (And so I scroll back up and see it is for the Happy 101 award (our daughter at created this award for ther 101st post :o)

    Oh dear friend! sure do miss getting over here...but I will be back!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (been outa the loop for longer than i care to be...that I iope that I am not forgotten! haha)

  7. :) Thanks friend!


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