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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coupon Queen?

I have always wanted to be one of those women that you hear about-She goes to the grocery store, gets $150 worth of groceries for $6.22. You know it is everything name brand, enough to feed an army, and her receipt is a mile long.

That woman is not me. I set out at the grocery store to spend $50 and end up spending $75 and forget about the 4 coupons that I remembered to bring in to the store. I, then proceed to lose said coupons before the next time I am at the store and need/want them at the store.

A few weeks ago, a mom in one of the groups I am in did a whole "class" on couponing. Girlfriend has a BRIEFCASE for coupons. She is very methodical-searches ads, has about 6 regular coupon sites, buys coupons online, knows all of the coupon policies for every store under the sun, and spends less than $50 a week at the grocery store for her family. She has been doing this for a while and has totally mastered the art of couponing.

Another one of my friends has recently started couponing. She has a large binder with several dividers, slots for coupons, a few websites she goes to regularly to search, and is really finding her groove in the world of couponing.

This entire process is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo overwhelming to me. I can't imagine going to 4-6 grocery stores a week, taking my binder and the two minis in with me to the store, buying coupons online, finding enough room to store all of my items if I find the coupon/store ad and need to get 145 rolls of toilet paper and 26 jars of peanut butter.

I also need to be able to set aside time each week to do all of my store ad perusing, online searching, coupon compilations, and list making without any interruptions. As you know, I need a plan and if I am not 100% committed and organized about this, I know I will be a massive failure at Couponing 101.

I really need to do coupons is a great way to save a lot of money.

Tips, thoughts, advice, funnies on couponing?
Have a great day.

PS-Can you believe Christmas is NEXT week????


  1. MLG - I LOVE couponing, but I don't take any of the advice of those people you're talking about. I have nothing against SAHM, but for working mom's, their methods can be overwhelming!

    I do use one site to buy coupons and then I peruse the Sunday adds and compare them to the Publix/Winn Dixie/whatever BOGO etc. I also use competitor coupons at the grocery stores as they will accept them.

    Lastly, I go to and check her website peridically when I am going to go shopping.

    This whole process seems like a lot, but it takes me about 1 hour before I shop. And I can save quite a bit. Maybe not as much as those who buy $150 for $25, but I still walk out feeling great that I saved some money.

    PS - I LOVE using coupons on BOGO. Then I get two boxes of cereal for $1 - $2. That's just fun!

  2. I'll be honest, I love the IDEA of couponing, but I'm just not sure I have the follow-through in me. Sad. But true.

  3. I love coupons! But I only go to one grocery store. I have a coupon organizer that looks like a mini accordion file. I have recently started checking out websites too because there are some good printable coupons out there!

  4. Sounds like a part-time job to me, sadly I haven't the time to search, cut, file and run around town The thought of getting a $150 worth of groceries for $6.22 sounds appealing, I just know me...I would never do it!

  5. I'm so disorganized that I'll pay the extra $25 to go to just one store rather than trying to keep track of all the coupons and sales at different places. I do keep coupons when I get them and put them in my wallet...but alas, like you, I forget about them until they've expired. Maybe this should be my New Year's resolution!

  6. When you figure it out, please let me know. Yesterday I had the best intentions of using some coupons I had. I of course forgot I had them, pulled my grocery list out of my purse, and the coupons went in different directions. Hilarious, really!! xoxo

  7. I coupon backwards -- I make my list of what we want/need and then search for the coupons. We save $10-$15 dollars a week.

    The whole total coupon thing is way too involved for me. has a coupon searcher for online coupons which is nice.

    I know you can do it, you'll be kicking coupon butt in no time!

  8. I suck at couponing (is that even a verb?!). I cut 'em out, I lose them, I forget them, I drop them in the parking lot, or the baby sucks the crap outta them leaving them a soggy, unreadable mess. I give up. And, your stuff is SUPER cute! I'll have to remember you!

  9. I am just like you. I even have a little folder and forget it at home!!

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  11. No advice here. I'm the WORST at using coupons. I just don't have the patience for it. SO sad.

  12. I've tried so hard to be this woman, too. I've even got an organizer. I'm still not there, but I'm trying.


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