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Monday, May 24, 2010

Turn that Frown Upside Down...

I hahve been in the BIGGEST funk lately. I have been so overwhelmed lately that I just can't seem to keep my head above water. Ugh.

There are lots of reasons for this and one very big one is the N key on my laptop. It is stuck something fierce and I have to BANG on the "n" key to get it to go. I have a blister and callus on my finger from the trauma of it all. It really screws up emails, posts, etc. as the letter N is in a lot of words. Seriously, a lot of words. I have this rage towards the N and I will win this war. Take that nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

I digress.

I love coming over to Blogland to help me through this funk...I am have been able "to turn that frown upside down" many times when I stop by the blogs I love.

Blogging has been such a wonderful and amazing experience for me.

One of the most amazing bloggers out there is Brittany Ann over at Living in the Moment. She is a funny, smart, passionate, inspiring and thoughtful woman who is a beautiful friend, wife, teacher, and writer. She bestowd upon me the Versatile Blogger award and I definitely had a huge upside down frown on my face! Thank you, thank you sweet Brittany.

In acceptance of this award, I must list seven things about myself:

1. I love to mow the grass. I love the way it looks and smells. I am an "instant gratification" kind of girl. I love to clean because the results are immediate and cutting the lawn is my kind of instant gratification.

2.My first job at 15 was a receptionist at a children's hair salon. I made appointments, checked out customers, painted little girls' finger nails, gave out balloons and stickers, and worked the birthday parties...all very interesting.

3. I have a tattoo on my back. If you know me in real life, this is sooooooooooo unlike me. I sometimes forget that I have it. I was in a horrific car accident the summer after I graduated high school. It is truly a miracle that I survived, so on the one year anniversary I got a butterfly tattoo to represent the new life I was given.

4. I have this unhealthy fear of dying. I can work myself in to a complete hysterical fit if I think about it too much. This is not a good thing to do last week when I was already a hormonal mess. It isn't the actual dying part, it is that my children are still so little that they would have no real memories of me.

5. I am starting to think my love for the Real Housewives gals is a tad unhealthy. Perhaps I should find a different hobby. Did you hear that there is speculation that the couple, aka the White House dinner crashers from last fall are rumored to be on the new Real Housewives of D.C.?

6. I am reading the Bible. I have never read it before. I grew up going to church, was always and still am very active in the church, but have always felt that I was "Bible not so smart" and that is putting it lightly. I get really uncomfortable when deep Biblical conversations come up, so I decided that I needed to do something about it and read the Word.

7. I hate the dentist. Really HATE it. It is an unhealthy fear. I hate the smells, the noises, and the gagging. I have a terrible gag reflex and I gag about 14 times just during a cleaning...lucky hygenist. I really need to go. Interesting, Mini #1 loves it. He asks to go back...perhaps because there are movies, treat boxes, sugar free lollipops, a clubhouse, and toys galore. Maybe I just need to start going to his dentist.

And now, for the bloggers I'd like to pass this award to:

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Thanks again Name Twin. Have a great day!


  1. Thank you!!

    I know what you mean about being in a funk. I think I'm in a little bit of one, too. Although it may be that I've slept 12 hours in 3 days.

    I never think that I'm afraid of the dentist, up until they pull out the needle. And then I realize that I am actually terrified of the dentist.

  2. Oh I'm sorry you've been in a funk. You know... I have been, too. What is it?
    How entertaining to read those facts about you! I haven't been watching any of the Real Housewives, but if they do a D.C. one, I absolutely will. Oh yes.

  3. Oh my friend, you made me cry! Thank you for your sweet compliments!

    And and me? We hate each other too! Not alone in that!

    But wait...YOU HAVE A TATTOO????

    Girl, you never cease to amaze me! And I love it! You better show me that bad boy next month!

  4. Thanks! Who knew you had a tattoo? What a funfact!

  5. Oh! I forgot to post about this award! Thanks for the reminder! And please, post a picture of your tat! That's a shocker.

  6. Thank you! I ALMOST got a tattoo when I was 24. I guess I'll tell the story in a blog!!!


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