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Friday, May 14, 2010


It's Friday. It's Random. It's Frandom.

(Thanks to my good friend Whitney who coined this perfect phrase. Thank goodness she is back in blogland after taking a hiatus.)

*The silent auction at Mini #1's school is tomorrow. THANK THE GOOD LORD! I am so exhausted and my house looked like a silent auction threw up in it. There is stuff EVERYWHERE and you know by now that I am starting to twitch and have been walking around with my little brown bag to aid in the breathing. I am going to spend most of the day setting up at the school and attempting to entertain my children at the same time...Awesome, I know. Say a little prayer for me and do a "No Rain" dance too.

*Andrew Belle was the music on Grey's Anatomy last night and it was fantastic. I have downloaded a few of his tunes. Speaking of Grey's Anatomy, who saw the previews for next week...a nail biter for sure. Don't even get me started on the mental breakdown I had while watching Private Practice. Perhaps a bit of it was due to the fatigue I described from the first frandom point.

*Mini #1's best friend, you know his future wife and pretty much joined at the hip other half, Abby was over yesterday. They were upstairs playing nicely and then came down "dressed up."

Interesting isn't it. Yes, that's my boy and we are SO proud! When I went upstairs, I was greeted by Mini #2's clothes that were previously hanging in her armoire. ALL. OVER. THE. FLOOR. Seriously, all of them. Cute picture though. :)

*My sweet mom is coming up this weekend and the Mini's are thrilled. Mini #1 made up a "Grammy" song. Stay tuned...sure to be on the Billboard charts asap!

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Private Practice about gave me a heart attack this week. Dear heavens, next week's Grey's? I better take a sedative!

  2. I love Frandom! I can't even say anything else about PP. I'm still a sobbing mess.


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