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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pink & Green Thursday~Take a Walk with Me

Take a walk with me...

Relaxing music will play while we walk together talking and laughing through the flowers and fields.

We will pick these to put in a gorgeous vintage vase when we get back.

Then, we can watch the sunset while eating cupcakes and icecream. :)
Aren't Thursdays fun for playing pretend?! It gives me just a few minuts to escape my day and enjoy a little "away time." I have been so busy, distracted, and exhausted lately that I just want the days to be over and keep trying to "check" one more thing off the todo list. I hate being this way... I want to be able to enjoy my children, my days, and not constantly be thinking about the next stressor or thing I must do.
Hop over to Trish's blog for more goodness...she is always such a ray of sunshine. You can't help but smile when you're there!

Happy Thursday!
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  1. I am totally in to-do list mode, too! We both need a vacation! (Good thing for next month!)

    I just love you to pieces and cannot wait to spend time with you!

    Thank you for letting me take this quick break with these beautiful images!

  2. I love your P&GT! Those trees, that color! So pretty. I'm dying to buy some great big pink peonies for my flowers this week.

  3. I'd love to take this walk with you!! You think that pink tree is real? If so, I need one.

  4. These photos are spectacular! The colors are just so vibrant. I love Pink and Green Thursdays!

  5. Hi darling and THANK YOU again for playing along for Pink & Green Thursday!!

    OOH! Seriously, let's get our shoes on and go for a long one, I miss you friend and need a good girl chat to get caught up! That first photo is amazing, I wonder where it was taken? California maybe? Europe? That pink concrete wall and the gorgeous double wooden doors are gorgeous! In my head one day I will have a ginormous rose arbor over my front door with thousands of rose blossoms...dreamy!

    Where in the world did you find that darling pink record image?! I am tickled pink with giggles over it, it is the sweetest!! Summer zinnias are my favorite, I used to grow them all the time, and frequently have them throughout the house when I can get them at the farmers market now. Aren't they so happy! I especially love the hybrid ones with the multiple funky colors, they are too cool. Love the idea of putting them into vintage vases as well!

    Ending the fabulous walk through those gorgeous blossoms by catching a sunset with pink clouds while eating cupcakes and ice cream sounds DIVINE! Sign me up please!! xox

    (PS - So sorry for taking until today to come by..I got hit with a horrible headache last night that came out of nowhere...feeling better today. Thinking of you and wishing you the happiest weekend sweetie!! xoxoxo)

  6. I am on board for this day! The flowers especially are fantastic - tomorrow I'm going to have to pick some fresh flowers up to brighten my boring kitchen.


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