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Monday, May 24, 2010

Pool our money

Lately, Mini #1 has been discussing wanting a new brother or sister for our family ("I really want to be a family of 5.")

We have just been having vague "one day" discussions and reminding him all that it would include to add another sibling to our family.

When getting out of the bath and putting the pjs on, Mini #1 says "Mom, let's just go to the hosptial and buy a baby brother or sister like we did with Mini #2."

Me: "What do you mean? We didn't buy Mini #2, she grew in Mommy's tummy until she was big enough and strong enough to come out."

Mini #1: "You have money and I have a lof of money so we can buy a new baby together. And you said we finished paying for Mini #2. Ok Mom?"

{Last week I got a random bill in the mail for $3.78 for something for Mini #2's birth. I made a comment to Mr. on how ridiculous it was, she is 19 months old and we finished paying for her over a year ago. Mini #1 must have been listening.}

Me: "Buddy, we didn't buy your sister. We had to pay the doctors and the hospital to make sure that she was healthy. She grew in my tummy, remember?"

Mini #1: "I think we should just go buy a new brother or sister."

And that is life according to a 4 year old.

Happy Monday!


  1. Brilliant! I think it is sweet that he wants another sibling! Apparently when I came around my sister was more than miffed. She tried several times to get rid of me!!

  2. Too cute!

    Hubster and I have been having discussions about a third baby, and apparantly our boys have been listening too, since Bug said, "So, when are we going to get that new baby you talked about?" Like it's that easy.

  3. I think you should buy another baby too. Just sayin.

    My husband always says, "When we got L..."

    When we GOT him? Whaaaa?

  4. Ah, how simple life is to a 4 yr. old!! Wonderful. xoxo

  5. While you're there, would you mind picking me up an infant, too? I'm out. I'll reimburse you in June! Thanks!:)


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