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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meet Sam...

Now introducing the newest Sam member of the Molly Lou family. I believe we are up to 1,234 now.

Sam, the millipede.
Mr. rescued him from a parking lot and put him in a Subway cup for the ride home. Sam has taken to his new habitat well and we are going 4 days strong.
Sas, the millipede likes to dine on cucumbers and he has taken well to the constant swaying of "Hurricane Mini #2."
Mini #1 is loving the new pet and wants to sleep with him, but has agreed that it is best for Sam to stay in his home ALL. OF. THE. TIME.
I am thinking this new member is gross, but am putting on the happy and welcoming face.
I don't know how many more "Sams" I can take.
Have a great day.


  1. Oh my gosh! Another Sam!! Although I must say I think I may like the invisible Sams a little bit better! :)

  2. One word.


    Sam just sent chills down my spine...and not the good kind. LOL

  3. Ewww! I have a chill from that little wormy thingie.

    Oh, the joys of having little boys!

  4. You are such a good mom! My brother had Roly - the roly poly bug. He had several of them. They were the same bug though. :)

  5. When J was six, he had a pet worm named Jimmy... I L.O.V.E. boys!!!


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