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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Most Bored in the Whole World

Yesterday, Mini #1 had a dentist appointment and we ran some errands afterwards. On the way home, I had to stop by the bank to take care of a little "issue."

I should have known that this "issue" would not be simple or quick. 2 HOURS LATER we left (that is another story for another day, but I will spare you.)

Mini #2 slept on my shoulder for part of it. Mini #1 read a book, drew on the back of a receipt, and played with other random things in my purse. He was so good, but 2 hours is asking a lot for anyone.

Soon, the end of the world was drawing near and we were going to be stuck in the bank for eternity. The book was really boring, his sister wasn't amusing. at all., and the depths of the purse had been exhausted and in fact, there was no treasure at the bottom of the bag.

Mini #1 sighs and says "I am the most bored in the whole world."

I laughed and told him what a great job he was doing and we would be going shortly. I tickled him, he laughed. We sat there.

The woman behind the desk wasn't working any quicker and I felt the gray hairs just popping out of my head at rapid speed.

Mini #1 "I said already. I am the most bored in the whole world."

Woman behind desk "I bet you are sick of sitting there. Is this really the most boring thing in the whole world for you."

Mini #1 "Well, my mom was talking in the car after the dentist today and that was the most boring."

THANKS SON! I love our chats too and certainly know what to hold over your head from now on.

"Mini #1 if you don't clean this up, I'll have that talk from the car or I'll leave you in the office with the lady from the bank."


  1. Bwahahaha. I feel Mini's pain. I had a meeting yesterday that was the most boring in the world.

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHA. I love the honesty. Nothing to humble you like a kid. Too cute!

  3. LOL! Mini #1 kills me! he's so hysterical! (And not at all boring!)

  4. haha. The dentist and 2 hours in the bank / not so sure about boring but it sounds really SCARY to me. God bless you all!

  5. So funny! I would have been bored, too.

  6. I don't think my 11 and 8 yr olds would have been as good as your Minis! And I just love Mini #1's honesty... bwahahah!

  7. I think mini #1 is going to end up being a comedian! He says the most hysterical things!! :)


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