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Friday, February 19, 2010

You NEED this Magical Creation...

I swear that since moving to this home, we are magnets for door-to-door sales people (we get both men and women) and once we got three people from the same company in the same day.

It amazes me how many we get and unfortunatey my children are too loud and most of the time the people can see in through my living room windows and know I am home. If only I had quiet minis that would just crawl as to not be seen running around.

We receive a hodge podge of every product under the SUN that we must have and need to try.

Everything works so much better, is new and improved, and downright magical if it is being sold door-to-door. I wish I could be one of the writers and trainers before these folks go in to the field. I have heard some doozy lines (and yes, I did just use the word doozy) and whopper tales of how perfect their product is.

I have answered the door to gutter cleaners, pool chemicals, vaccuum cleaners, home security systems, encyclopedias, window screens, children's books, magazine offers, and various cleaning products.

I now have one that should win an award for the BEST door-to-door pitch. It's my personal favorite "the best all-purpose cleaner in the world. So good that you could clean your baby with it."

You all know me and how I am. I was definitely intrigued by the "clean your baby cleaner" being sold by the less than cologne smelling man right at my door. I wouldn't even need to travel to the store to scour the cleaning aisle for this miracle product or see the commercials for this new cleaning phenomenon and dream about its abilities.

This guy was really gun-ho about this product and explained that he was out trying to make an honest living. He got a cut from each bottle of cleaner he could sell and he was just "trying to sell soap, not dope."

Yes, you did in fact read that right.

This best in the world cleaner could clean anything-countertops, glass, wood floors, metal, ceramic tile, bathrooms, ovens, plastics, concrete, tires, and don't forget-your baby.

He even sprayed a bit on my glass storm door and wowed me by how streak-free pretty half of it now looked.

Truth be told, you know I am OCD and I am always looking for a new cleaner. This is one that I probably would have purchased if the one concentrated bottle (obviously, he doesn't know about my love for clorox wipes-no way that would last months in my home) didn't cost $50.

$50?!?!?!?! Would love to explain that one to Mr. on why it was an absolute necessity for that cleaner. I can imagine me giving my own sales pitch and throwing in that we could clean the minis with it to a less than enthusiastic Mr.

I'll just have to dream about that cleaner and think of it everytime I see my half streak-free and super duper clean front door.


Have a great weekend.


  1. "Soap not dope" HAHAHAHHAHAHAA I just fell out of my chair laughing! That is the best sales pitch ever. Happy weekend to you!! XO

  2. Maybe if you cleaned your windows with $50 bills it would work that well, too!

  3. Holey moley! You know me. I'm OCD, but not $50 clean-windows and babies OCD! Although, I understand the slight temptation...


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