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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haphazard Thursday

It's a conundrum of funundrum?!

What is a show that is full of overstimulating activities and sights including motorcycles, clowns, colors, canons, elephants, acrobats, and a train full of Barnum's Funundrum???

If you guessed, Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus then you have successfully and so very smartly solved this conundrum.
Last night the minis and I along with Mini #1's best friend, Abby and her mom hit up the circus! Big time was had by all. Aren't they just so darn cute and that lovely smile that my son is sporting is just perfect?


I am still passing all of my Lenten give ups with flying colors. Over 24 hours in to Lent and I haven't cheated once and only thought about it 135 times. Come on, no coffee, chocolate, pizza, or pasta, I am downright proud of myself. Only 39 loooooooooooooong days to go.


Dr. office phone receptionist + Me=ANNOYED.

I have had a few gals who are normal, kind and very helpful, but lately, I swear I keep getting the "I hate my job, so therefore, I hate you" people on the other end.

Yesterday, I was trying to spell our last name AFTER the person asked me for it again and as I am rattling off the letters, she says "I got it the first time."

Really, oh I'm sorry I thought you asked me for it again? Then, after being asked what my child needed to be seen for, I am explaining and she says "well, it is just a regular sick visit, so it doesn't matter."


One of the best blog friends there could possibly be in the whole wide entire Blogland world bestowed upon me the very awesome Blogger BFF award. Name twin of Living in the Moment is fabulous. I am so lucky and blessed to call her my friend. (Side note, but I am pretty sure that BFF is skyrocketing to the top of any list of the most used "words" or phrases of the 21st century.)

Now, I'm to pass this on to five of my Blogger BFFs and explain why I gave it to them. I could pass this on to many wonderful and lovely blogs. Here goes...

1. Erin at ink OBSESSION designs-she is such a wonderful, creative, talented and steadfast friend. I have known her for years and am thankful to call her my friend.

2. Joan at Bitsy Creations-Joan is another uber talented and creative woman. I love that she is a fellow mom and often says "been there, done that" or "I know just how you feel" when I am ranting about motherhood or need some advice on the minis.

3. Whitney from That Girl and Her Pug-She is honest, smart, funny, and oh so fun. She is fun to read and I always look forward to her Trivia days and "It Might Be a Bad Thing if..."

4. Kim at Experiments from a Galley Kitchen. She is amazing and beautiful and easy to talk to. She is also an amazing cook and one of my life goals is to be invited for one of her yum-o meals.

5. Katie from The Perks-How I love this fellow SC gal. When I read her blog and some of the fun things she gets to do around the low country, I sometimes pretend I am tagging along. She is also an amazing cook and I hate that her baked creations seem to get lost in the mail. :)

I guess that is enough randomness for one day. I hope you all are having a fantastic Thursday.

Have a great day.


    What fun!!
    Thanks my award lady! You are too too sweet!! I wish you were closer so we could play!!

  2. Awww...thank you for the award!!! :) I am honored and so thankful to call you mind friend as well!

    I wish I could have gone to the circus, although I kind of live in one! :)

  3. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who wants to scream at those mean receptionists!

    And you totally deserve that award, my BFF!

  4. I am super impressed with your long list of avoidees, made up word, for lent! I try to tackle one thing just for fun! And boy I admire your will power!

  5. We are taking L to the circus next month. My mom was going to take him but I told her she HAD to take me, too!


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