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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Haphazard Thursday

This week is just flying by in some ways, but others oh my word it is long.

*I was slack and forgot to mention this yesterday. CONGRATULATIONS to Sara Lang on winning cards from the newest member of the Molly Lou Gifts family, The Kiwi Tree. YAY Sarah! Thanks to all who entered. Email me by Sunday and we will get you all squared away. Click here to take a peek at these hilarious, fun, creative, and unique greeting cards.

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*If you can't talk, don't answer your cell phone. This has been happening more and more to me lately. I would rather leave a message than have you answer with an attitude and tell me you can't talk. Case in point, yesterday I called someone about something for church last night.
_________: "Hello."
Me: "Hi _____________. I just wanted to let you know..."
_________: "I can't talk right now. I'm in the middle of a class."
Me: "Oh ok. sorry about that."
_________: "Did you get my message yesterday? I left one when I was at the mall about hte hearts for the craft tonight. I'll just have to call you back this afternoon when I am finished at 4."
Me: starting to answer, but then I hear dial tone.

Hangs up phone. WTF? Don't anser the phone if you can't talk.

*Today is Mini #1's Valentine party at school. There will be mailbox decorating, candy necklace making, pizza and cupcake making, and a Valentine exchange. Mini is giving his friends a Valentine book and card that he made for each one of his friends. He did a great job and wrote his name on all of them.

*I am so excited about the Olympics. The Molly Lou family will be having a grand time at our Olympic party (very elite guest list). We will make Olympic ring cookies and have a rockin' good time watching the opening ceremonies. I heart the Olympics so much and can't wait to watch all of the skiing, skating, bobsledding, oh my.

*I have a problem with (...) I use them way too often. I know this annoy's some and am working on it. Those three little dots . . . are just so useful and can totally help stretch out a point, change points rapidly, and leave thoughts running. (I know that was extra random.)

Happy Thursday!!


  1. "If you can't talk don't answer your phone", I totally agree! That's what we have answering machines for!

    The Molly Lou post is up and running! =)

  2. Amen!

    And I'm so excited for the Olympics, too!

  3. I hear ya! If you can't talk, don't answer. Simple.

    Happy Valentines Day party!

  4. 1) I LOVE the Olympics, too!
    2) I can't stand people who answer their phones when they can't talk.
    3) I love elipses (...) they are a lot of fun and convey a lot of different messages just by being there.

  5. I so agree with the cell phone situation. Check your messages when you are finished with the task at hand!

  6. Hello....have you read my blog....I always use ellipses....

    I am with you on the cell phone thing. But once in a while I do it too, just to make sure it's not an emergency. I am a crazy worrier like that.

  7. I may be the only person who doesn't like the olympics?? lol...I like THE SAINTS THOUGH!

    I hear ya on the phone thing BUT I may be guilty just b/c I want to make sure a-its not an emergency and b-they don't think I am ignoring them BUT I AM ALWAYS NICE:)

  8. Waiting with excitement for the opening ceremonies tomorrow night. Cannot wait to see how awesome Team USA looks in their Ralph Lauren outfits!! Yes, I am that shallow. We will def be best dresses. ;-) xoxo

    By the way - I love to use . . . also. Will continue to do so and so should you!! xoxo

  9. I love three little dots... If I wasn't "It's a Golden Day", I would so be "Three Little Dots"...


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