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Monday, February 8, 2010

It was an accident

Accidents happen, right?

Accidents happen all of the time. Sometimes they truly ARE accidents and others they are just the result of bad choices.

I am really big on teaching my children about good choices and bad choices. If you choose to do this, then this will happen, etc. Our minister on Sunday talked about this and how most accidents are not really accidents, but the results of bad choices.

You know getting in to a car "accident" while texting or talking on the phone is not really an accident, but the result of the bad choice of choosing to talk/text instead of paying proper attention the road. The list of examples could go on and on.

However, I disagree. We are an accident prone family. Let's examine a few pieces of evidence that clearly demonstrate a few of our ACCIDENTS.

A. It was an ACCIDENT that I ate 4 of those damn Little Debbie Valentine cakes in one day. I mean they are only about 2 bites wide and they ACCIDENTALLY found their way in to my mouth.

B. It was an ACCIDENT that I left the room to get a much needed cup of coffee and convinced myself that my daughter would make the right choice.

C. I'm sure Mini #2 would say it was an ACCIDENT that she found herself playing with the toilet water, pulling her bow out of her hair and it ACCIDENTALLY fell in said toilet. There just isn't any other explanation about that.

D. It was pure ACCIDENT that I slammed my hand in the cupboard door after yelling at my husband about not closing the cabinets. I was only in a rush to get the cabinets closed and had nothing to do with my yelling at him and trying to prove a point.

E. It was an ACCIDENT that I drank about 10 cups of coffee yesterday to combat my exhaustion. I really thought I was drinking water until I became all jittery and BLAH feeling later.

F. It was clearly an ACCIDENT that my husband left a full glass of tea on the edge of the counter and anotherACCIDENT that Mini #1 was being a train and chugging violently by, knocking the glass over with its contents spewing everywhere (and I do mean everywhere.)

G. It was by no bad choice, but all ACCIDENT that my husband decided to try to install a new thermostat to our downstairs heating unit during the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. New thermostat doesn't work and something is now wrong with the old thermostat. That = NO heat downstairs.

You see, accident prone. Trust me, I have many more bits of evidence that I could pull out to show that my family and I are an ACCIDENT waiting to happen.

What kind of ACCIDENTS have you had?

Happy Monday. Have a great day.

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  1. Glad to know we aren't the only accident-prone family in the world! Love it!

  2. You are absolutely hilarious! I am glad that you accidentally found my blog, so that I found you. You make my day!!!! And that's no accident!! xoxo

  3. Too funny B!!!!
    Thanks for the laugh:)
    My entire life I have been
    pretty much an accident waiting to happen:)
    Happy Monday & WHO DAT!!

  4. No accident that I stumbled on your blog! LOL

  5. I am OCD and accident prone myself:) Perhaps we really are the same woman:)

  6. Hehe! So funny!
    Sadly, though, my accidents would all seem to come from being clumsy... the kind where I have trouble walking & run into walls. Yeah. I'm that one.


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