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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Move over Annie Leibovitz...

there's a new photographer in town.

Mini #1 loves him some digital camera (we love it because we can delete away and not waste film). He received an old one of Mr.'s from a project he had done.
He is enjoying the freedom of having his own camera to bang around freely snap approximately 246 pictures a day.
Some days he is actually really good and others notsomuch. Some are just "abstract" art.
At 4, I smell photography prodigy, don't you agree????? :)
Happy Sunday!
(Don't you just love the "Flock of Seagulls" hairstyle and completely dazed look of the picture he snapped of Mini #2 shortly after she woke up?)


  1. Love "Clementines in Pewter Bowl"! "Muck on Ice" is pretty powerful too...

  2. Serious Talent! Very impressive!

  3. He's actually pretty darn good. I think L had that same sleeper as Mini #2...super duper soft? I loved that one.

  4. He is really good! How fun that he has his own camera to snap away. Mini #2 looks so cute and we have the same hairdo! Love the last shot, the colors and reflections are great!

    Love and hugs,

  5. My oh my! Great photos Mini #1! And only 4yrs old!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (and what a cute little model Mini #2 is :o) Love those pretty eyes!

  6. Too cute! I bet he loves being able to see how the pictures turn out right after he takes them. I remember when we used to have to take the film to get developed and wait weeks to get them back!

  7. That tangerine one really plays with light!


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