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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Now Presenting (Part I)...

We are so excited and thrilled to announce and welcome the newest member of the Molly Lou Gifts family, The Kiwi Tree.

The Kiwi Tree is a stylishly chic greeting card company that is definitely "paper with personality."

You can now make your friend or family's day with these unique cards. Your friends are sure to love these and remember them always. It makes card writing fun and we are sure you won't want to write on anything else.

Here are just a few of our new items. Part II and a giveway might be coming tomorrow.
___________ you.

You're great (and dim sum)

Don't judge me.
(and on the back it says "It's not like I married a Scientologist, shaved my head, or dropped out of rehab and became a lesbian...")
All the cards are blank on the inside for you to write your personalized anecdote or random thought.
Use code FREESHIP to receive free shipping on your The Kiwi Tree cards. This discount code can be applied towards your entire order, however, at least one TKT greeting card must be included.)
Be sure to pop over and check out the new items.
Have a great day.


  1. I LOVE these! I'll definitely be ordering some soon

  2. They are so funny! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. HA HA! The last one cracked me up. I want to send it to my mom!

  4. Love the first one! Oh, and I have been thinking of your little one. How's he doing?

  5. I am IN LOVE WITH the don't judge me card! I have quite a few friends that would love the pop culture reference and even a BFF I begin every story with, "don't judge me but..." or end a story with, "yeah, that's what I did.. don't judge." so that would be PERFECT to send to her, too! YAY for new collaborations! :)

  6. These cards have always cracked me up :-) I might have to take advantage of the free shipping offer!


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