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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It is my time of the month.


And I can't have chocolate or coffee because of my brilliant plan for Lent.

Please pray for my minis that their hormonal and difficult mother will make it through this time.

Hope you'll have a swell day.

PS-I know there will be a few ways to take this post:

A-Way too much information and not necessary this morning.
If that's you, I truly do apologize and hope I haven't scarred you.

B-Amen! I totally understand what you are going through and I have already said a prayer for those sweet minis. I am trying to throw some great feel betterness through the screen.
If that's you, I am in love and this is one of the many reasons that I love blogging. You're the best.

C-Combo of A & B
If that's you, I get it and am a combo of sorry and in love (as per A & B)


  1. Me too!!! And I can't spend money on non-essential things, per Lent, so no running to the grocery store for junk food to satisfy my cravings. I'm in empathy mode!

  2. Magnesium cuts the cravings (to a degree only)
    Also chai tea is wonderful too for all sorts of stuff at that time.
    I hope things go smoothly.

  3. Totally Team B right here, sister.

  4. Amen to B, sista. I've given up chocolate as well and THAT time is coming and it's going to be, well, hell. Couldn't give up coffee, though. I'm just not that strong. ;)

  5. I'm a C! You can do it & be nice too! :)

  6. I'm B all the way! There can never be too much TMI between Name Twins!


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