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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Worthwhile Wednesdays

This is our first "Worthwhile Wednesdays!" Each week, we will highlight some products from the Molly Lou Gifts site that may be worthwhile to all of you. We have a whole line of vinyl decal monograms, names, and graphics from my friend Marilyn at Decal Monograms. She does great work! Our graphics and monograms can be applied to any smooth surface.
Examples of items you can attach it to are frames, walls, glass, plastic buckets, plastic toys, serving trays, your car, garbage cans, toy boxes, cell phones, art canvas...the possibilities are endless. They are easy to attach and do not mess up the surface you are applying them too.

Make an ordinary item extraordinary! We have so many color choices, font designs, and sizes available....these are affordable pieces that offer a lot of style and are perfect to "jazz" up that special something or space. We also love custom projects. Check our Decal Grapics and Monogram page to see all of our choices. Here are a few to gear you up for summer and get your creative juices flowing:

Size: Name decal measures about 5" depending on letters, Crab and Boat measure 3.5"
You get to choose two colors: one for the crab and boat and one for the name. You also get to choose font style. Perfect way to get your little digger excited about summer and vacation. Also, great for parties...

Size: Measures about 5-6"
You get color and font style choice. Perfect for summer buckets, car windows, frames, and party favors.
Diamond Monogram Decal (shown at top)
Size: Measures about 7" x 8"
You get two color choices: one for the two diamonds and one for the monogram. Also get font style choice.

Ahoy Matey!

Size: about 23" wide

How cool would this look on a wall or canvas for the little pirate. Perfect for gifts and use at a party. Your choice of ship color and monogram font style.

Let us know if you have any questions. I love to pretend to be Martha Stewart's cousin (I could NEVER be her, no matter how hard I tried) and would love to help with some design ideas.
Don't forget to enter the contest...details at left. Pass on to a friend. We also extended the 20% off discount code...use code MLG20 for 20% off your total purchase...LAST DAY! Have a great day! Cheers!


  1. love the decals! Way cute!

  2. lol....when I placed my order I almost got that pink/green diamond decal! LOVE IT!!!!!


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