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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hold My Hand...

The other day, my friend Preppy Pink Crab wrote on her site about music and how she associates different songs with different phases and milestones in her life. Isn't that sooooo true????

I find it to be amazing how I can hear a song and it stops me dead in my tracks. It brings back the vivid picture of a time in my life. I have so many songs that I can draw up that image for that will forever be that way in my mind.

Yesterday, I was driving home from the library with the minis and I hear "Hold My Hand" by Hootie and the Blowfish. I immediately was a young teenager again wondering what in the heck those little munchkins were doing in the back of my ride. After it was over, I bounced back to reality and realized that those were in fact MY children and also heard it was Darius Rucker's 43rd birthday! Is that even possible?!?!?! They were just young lads a few years ago. I am from Columbia, SC which is also the home of the band. They are hometown "heroes", really made it big and put Columbia on the map. I used to see them around town, ate next to them a few times in different restaurants, even accidentally sprayed the drummer with a sprinkler as he was riding his bike past the house that I was house sitting for (a story for another day), and of course, saw several of their concerts. I remember DESPERATELY wanting to get tickets when they filmed MTV's Unplugged (how old I feel) on the university campus and crying when I didn't. Another time, begging my parents to skip school and be an extra in one of their videos, no go, and again crying (teenage hormones.)

Hootie et al has moved on, started successful solo careers, married, started families, and new phases of their life as have I, but whenever I hear "Hold My Hand" or "Let Her Cry" or "Only Wanna Be With You", I am transported back to being a teenager driving with my new found independence, a driver's license and singing along to the Cracked Rear View cd with my friends. Oh, how far that seems now!

In other news, Tomorrow is the last day to enter Prep-E Girl's contest with MLG stationery as the prize. See link at left. Also, new Molly Lou Giveaway Contest starts tomorrow in honor of our 50th post!!! YAY! Stay Tuned for Details.

Have a great Day! Cheers!

PS-After a few lines of the song, Molly Lou Mini #1 was totally able to rock out and sing "hold my hand" in the back. :)


  1. That is SO TRUE!!!! It is funny how you hear it and it all comes back like it was yesterday! Sometimes I can remember where I was listening to certain songs, who I was with, etc. NOW ask me what I did last week and I probably won't remember!

    ps- check your mail:)
    contest will start tomorrow. I thought today WAS Friday:)

  2. Thanks for the shoutout!


    That entire album "cracked rear view" was all about 7th grade for me!!

    I remember..I was 13 and my "boyfriend" just broke up with me. When you are 13...this is just someone to hold hands w/ at school and maybe...just maybe you would get to the movies after school lacrosse games....anyways...he broke up w/ me at the end of 7th grade...and I remember listening to Let Her Cry over and over and over again...thinking that this was my life and I would never be happy again...haha!

    Good choice!

  3. You are the second person in my google reader thing to mention Hootie and the Blowfish today! LOL!



  4. It's so amazing how much music means. It's crazy how there are certain songs that can bring me tears, make my whole day or just bring a quick smile! Everytime I hear Isn't It Ironic I'm taken back to middle school and waiting to get in the dance!

  5. Your post is so true. It is almost surreal how all the feelings and atmosphere and everything instantly come back at the playing of those songs! xoxo


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