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Friday, May 1, 2009

Scaredy cat, scaredy cat!


I really try not to be and totally get that it is COMPLETELY psychological, but sometimes I am just a wimp. So, the minis and I came down to take care of my grandmother last weekend. My uncle and his wife, who G.G. (great grandmother to the minis) lives with went out of town, so we came to be with her and take care of her this week. At 4:50 am on Sunday night/Monday morning the house alarm went off...that's right-WENT OFF: loud sirens, beeping, zones violated!!! This has never happened and I have been down here plenty. It's also never happened to my sister or mother when they have been here and never happened to my uncle and/or wife. GREAT and just my luck!!! I have an 85 year old woman and two minis and I am freaking out because the alarm has gone off and it's saying "Zone 6 violated. Bed Glass Break."

Perfect...the robber/murderer is breaking in through wherever the heck zone 6 is and he is going to take out me, the grandmother, and the gorgeous and perfect little angel minis sound asleep in the bedroom. I am going to give it my best movie murderer fight off though with all of those weapons I have stashed in my pj bottoms. Also, my uncle lives in a fairly small town in the oldest house in town with lots of DARK land around. Also, for whatever reason, the owners have an aversion to curtains, shades, blinds, etc. They feel they are isolated and like the natural light. Natural light is fab when it's ACTUALLY LIGHT OUTSIDE and the alarm isn't going off. I call the police and a ten year old police officer comes to tell me that he doesn't see any broken glass and we should be fine. He was also quick to point out that alarms are electronic and go off "all the time." RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT...never happened before, but of course, happens on my first night alone with three people that are depending on me. Of course, my husband, momma, sister, or brother-in-law aren't here to protect me. I sure wish this alarm would have just gone off randomly when one or all of them were here to protect me. Spot, the big protector dog that reigns over this land was asleep in the master bath next to where I was sleeping and seriously didn't get up during the ENTIRE FIASCO...thanks for your help, Cujo!

Naturally, I did not sleep after this happened and then I couldn't sleep AT ALL the next night or the next or the next either. Every single noise, movement, creak, or possible noise, movement, or creak made me crazy. Did I mention this house is over 200 years old? Clearly, that means there are more creaks, movements, and noises in this house than in other homes. Literally, I have laid there thinking 5 hours 41 minutes until the sun comes up, 5 hours 25 minutes until the sun is up, 4 hours 59 get the picture.

You might be wondering why I have been sharing this story. It isn't purely for the laugh factor, but people I am seriously going crazy. I am so sleep deprived and insane. One might say, why don't you get some sleep during the day when it's bright and shiny outside. Lovely idea, but I have two minis and an old lady ringing her bell every time she needs something. Molly Lou Mini #2 has taken her normal naps, but Molly Lou Mini #1 hasn't felt compelled to nap this week (naturally).

So, the lesson from this whole thing is that I am now certifiably crazy. It was a toss up before, but now we are sure!

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Have a great weekend! Happy Friday! Cheers!

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  1. Oh, you're not alone in being a wimp! The Boyfriend works nights so it's just me and Fenway the gaurd *cough napping cough* dog. We have woods and pasture behind our house and Fenway has had to hold it more than once because we go RUNNING back into the house due to the CRAZY noises that come out of it! Hope you get some sleep!


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