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Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome Newest Member of the Molly Lou Family...NOW GO AWAY!

Fred meet Blog Friends.
Blog Friends meet Fred!

I know what you're thinking...No, we did not add a new furry canine or fluffy feline to our family or a slimy one for that matter. I woke up this morning to an unannounced visitor...ON MY FACE!!!

I am too old for that dreaded z or p word. (I hate those words equally.) Went to sleep, nothing. Woke up this morning, stretched, and BOOM, there is a very unwelcome intruder near my chin. Not just a little no one would notice spot, but a MOUNTAIN. Seriously, you could climb this thing. Mini #1 ran screaming as he thought the thing was coming for him. (I'll be paying for that therapy in 20 years.)

This is gross and I apologize, but I am a z popper...get them off of me asap. (I don't need to hear any stories or dermatology studies about works for me.) The only problem is, this intruder isn't able to be taken care of shall we say.

I cannot live like this. It is able to be seen from space it is so large and disgusting.

I have put some toothpaste on it and hopefully it will be gone asap. I will go out and spend the minis college fund if any of my remedies don't work. Work your magic Aquafresh!

I truly apologize that this was not patriotic, summery, and full of fun, but I cannot think of anything else. Please forgive me and have a great day. Happy Memorial Day. Cheers!


  1. Lucky you!! :) What a not so fun way to start out the week!! Hopefully the toothpaste works!!

  2. I am totally a Z popper, too! Hang in there! I bet the toothpaste works!

  3. ahem....story of my life!!
    well, til I became friends with Obagi:)

    I FINALLY CHECKED/REPLIED TO ALLLL {well, almost} of my email.....ding ding ding.....YOU'VE GOT MAIL:)

  4. I hope the toothpaste worked -- I use alcohol. [Not like drink until I can't see it alcohol, more like the kind under the bathroom sink!] Although if it is that big drinking until you can't see it might not be that bad of an idea :)


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