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Sunday, May 24, 2009

We All Live In...

Setting the Stage: We are down visiting my grandmother this weekend. We are down a few times a month and help take care of her. Mini #1 has a children's Beatles CD that we listened to on the way dow Friday. "Yellow Submarine" is his favorite and he sings it frequently. Keep in mind that MLM#1 is 3.5 years old and my grandmother is 85 and he spent all day in the pool pretending that his pool float was a submarine. This convo happened last night. :)

Molly Lou Mini #1 to G.G. (great grandmother): "Are you ready to go?"

G.G. to MLM#1: "Where do you want to go, honey?"

MLM#1 to G.G.: "I'm going to my yellow submarine. You can come too if you want."

G.G. to MLM#1: "A yellow submarine. I have never been in one of those. Have you?"

MLM#1 to G.G.: "I had a blue one in the pool and I like to sing about a yellow one."

G.G. to MLM#1: "Can you sing for me?"

MLM#1: "Not right now. I have to go."

G.G. to MLM#1: "I'll pack my bags and come with you."

MLM#1 to G.G.: "I don't think we have room for all this stuff, G.G."



  1. How awesome are kids?! And grandmothers?! :) Thanks for sharing and enjoy your time with your grandmother. My last living grandparent is my Nannie and she's also 85...gets @ better than I do! lol

  2. haha, yay! for lovely older ladies who still pack too much -- that will be me :)


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